Chapter 173: Qixia vs Chenjiang (3)

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He had always been one of those people who would give it his all when he made up his mind about something — he was like that in showbiz and he was doing the same in this game.

An Xiaxia was so anxious that one could almost see her grievances materialize out of her head.

Su Niannian watched her in bewilderment, then followed the direction of her eyes.

Something dawned on her a couple of seconds later.

Wow, that was so romantic! Was this one of those stories where a fan fell in love with an idol, the idol competed in a game for the fan, and the two got to kiss and make out after the idol won the game?

The queen of headcanons Su Niannian said goodbye to An Xiaxia happily and trotted back to her own team.

The game had been going on for ten minutes and the two teams were almost evenly matched.

With Tang Yu as their ace player, the Chenjiang team depended on his personal ability and their professional tactics, while Sheng Yize was the forward player in Qixia, but he actually covered the entire court and acted in concert with every other team member.

By doing so, Qixia’s overall capability improved significantly.

Although An Xiaxia didn’t know much about basketball, she could still tell that Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi had completely different styles.

While one built the team around individual heroism, the other worked the big picture perfectly.

However… it had to be much more exhausting running back and forth like that. She couldn’t be bothered to wave her pompoms and only stared at the teenager on the basketball court sadly.

Another slam dunk and Qixia got another two points!

Seeing that it wasn’t going well for them, Chenjiang gestured for a timeout.

Tang Yu walked to the side to take a break and a tiny figure immediately dashed to his side with a towel, some water, and some neverending chatter.

Tang Yu’s grim face softened at her presence with an emotion hidden deeply in his eyes. The lion of Serengeti had turned into a lamb in a split second.

Su Niannian gave him a long speech complete with hand gestures. He raised an eyebrow and asked in a slightly confused tone, “Are you suggesting that I… throw the match?”

“It’s not that! You’ll be helping to bring about a happy end for their romance! We have enough points already and I don’t care about winning or losing, but it’s not the same for them! The two of them will probably be together if they win!” Su Niannian clenched her fists with sparkling eyes.

Tang Yu sighed and gave up. “Fine, I get it. I’ll sit on the bench for the rest of the game. Happy?”

“Yeah! Tang Yu oppa, you’re the best!” Su Niannian’s eyes were two little crescent moons.

Tang Yu watched her cheerful face out of the corner of his eye and couldn’t help but smile.

The game went on. However, to Qixia’s surprise, their opponent’s main player was sent to sit on the bench!

Whatever scheme they might be hatching, Qixia only had one thing to say about this arrangement: great move, keep at it!

Thanks to the change in players, Qixia gradually pulled ahead in their points.

Sheng Yize sensed something was off and darted a look in Tang Yu’s direction, but only saw that the latter was staring foolishly at a girl next to him.

The stupid things men did for women… Sheng Yize made a scornful remark in his head, completely ignoring the fact that he was doing exactly the same thing.

He calmly made another three-point shot and checked the score. Even if Tang Yu returned to the game now, he wouldn’t be able to save Chenjiang from its doom.

Moreover, Tang Yu wasn’t planning to return to the game at all.

The game went on like this until the last minute with these unusual points.

The look on An Xiaxia’s face had changed from worry to delight. When the referee blew the whistle, she jumped up excitedly.

“Momo, did we win? Did we really win?”

“Aaah! We won! We did it!”

The entire school erupted with cheers!

Sheng Yize wiped the sweat off his face and tried not to let the throbbing pain in his ankle show.

She should be happy now that they had won, right?