Chapter 174: Lovey-Dovey Dies Quickly!

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The biggest news among the high schools the following day was: Qixia High the dark horse had come out as the unexpected winner against Chenjiang High!

All the high schools were shocked by the news!

How terrifyingly capable was this team, to be able to defeat Tang Yu and Chenjiang?

For now, Qixia’s basketball team was in the spotlight.

However, Sheng Yize, the star of the team, had been stopped at the door of his room at that moment.

An Xiaxia stood there with her arms akimbo as she bellowed, “No! You’re not going to school before you go to the hospital!”

Sheng Yize was completely unconcerned about his own condition. “I’m fine.”

However, the little woman exerted all her power to stop him from crossing the threshold.

As a matter of fact, with his strength, there was no way An Xiaxia could stop him. He simply didn’t want to use force on the little one.

An Xiaxia’s nose was still red. She had been on an emotional rollercoaster yesterday. After they won the game, while the basketball team and the cheerleaders had gone off to celebrate, she went home and had a good cry like a little idiot.

She was genuinely sad — sadder than when they actually lost a game.

The thought of Sheng Yize’s injury being aggravated by the game sent a sizzling pain through her chest, as if her heart was being fried on a pan.

Hence, she blocked Sheng Yize’s way early this morning and made it her duty to take him to the hospital for a checkup!

Sheng Yize looked into her bright eyes and was lost in thought for a moment.

He then sighed. “Fine, I’ll go get an examination done. You can go to school now.”

“No!” An Xiaxia flatly refused.

Sheng Yize was still confused over her reaction when An Xiaxia grabbed his arm with a stubborn look on her face. “I said I would be responsible for you! You’re mine today! I won’t rest until I see the result of your health checkup!”

Darting a look at the soft hands around his arm, Sheng Yize raised the corners of his mouth, but managed to keep his face indifferent. However, he went obediently with An Xiaxia.

The hospital.

After a thorough examination, the respectable old doctor adjusted his glasses and said, “Fortunately, the injury didn’t affect the bone, but you have to make sure to stay away from strenuous exercise from now on. Young man, your body cannot go through that again, no matter how strong you are.”

An Xiaxia thanked the doctor immediately and gave Sheng Yize an angry punch.

Sheng Yize was baffled. “Why did you hit me?”

This little woman was getting bold these days!

“If you don’t start to take care of your body from now on, I’ll – I’ll…” An Xiaxia stammered before finally finishing the sentence with a threat. “I’ll punch you! Hmph!”

Sheng Yize couldn’t help but smile at this.

The little fool. That would only be remotely possible with his hands and feet bound.

The elderly doctor said in an unhurried tone, “My grandson told me about this popular online expression: lovey-dovey… and then what?”

“I know! I know! Doctor, its ‘lovey-dovey dies quickly’! It’s not cursing other people to die, but talks about how couples who show their affection in public too much may cause their love affair to die prematurely…” An Xiaxia explained to the doctor in a serious tone, which caused Sheng Yize’s face to darken as he began to drag her toward the door.

“Hey, what are you doing? I’m not finished!” An Xiaxia struggled with all four limbs.

“You idiot!” Sheng Yize scolded in a low voice and one could make out the affection in his tone.

Back in the room, the doctor shook his head. ” Sigh , I still have to watch youngsters flirt with each other at my age. It’s so hard to be a doctor these days.”

An Xiaxia had no idea that the doctor had mistaken Sheng Yize and her for a couple. She threw off Sheng Yize’s hand after they left the hospital and said angrily, “Alright. Since there’s nothing wrong with you, I’m going to school now!”

“Oh?” Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes teasingly. “Didn’t you take the day off? You’re not going to…”