Chapter 175: You Can Have One Bite And No More

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He skillfully stopped mid-sentence.

An Xiaxia jabbed the tips of her index fingers together, looking guilty. Actually… she had been about to go home and play some video games.

A pair of big hands then gently held hers and Sheng Yize said with a straight face, “Didn’t you say you wanted to watch a movie? Let’s go to one, then.”

The look on An Xiaxia’s face changed to one of utter disbelief!

Sheng Yize remembered her spur-of-the-moment suggestion from the other day!

And he was going to make it come true!

Leading the baffled little woman into the car, Sheng Yize asked the driver to take them to the nearest shopping mall.

Sheng Yize had a baseball cap and a scarf on to prevent passers-by from recognizing him. Most of his handsome face was covered up and to anyone else, he was just some cute guy with a nice figure. No one would associate him with the captain of Starry Night.

The first to sixth floors of the mall were dedicated to retail shops, while the restaurants were on the seventh and the entertainment services were on the eighth floor.

The two took the elevator to the eighth floor and Sheng Yize went to buy two tickets. There was still a quarter of an hour before the start of the movie, so they sat and waited in the rest area.

Sheng Yize looked around and saw that they were surrounded by affectionate couples.

He frowned a little, took out his phone, and began to search online —

How to date someone of the opposite sex.

There were hundreds of pages of search results and he rose to his feet after going through several of the most read ones.

An Xiaxia sat there in confusion. Sheng Yize came back two minutes later and stuffed a large bucket of popcorn into her arms. He had also bought two cups of hot milk tea.

Glutton Xia immediately held onto the bucket and said happily, “I want some ice cream, too!”

Sheng Yize flicked her forehead with his finger. “Cold food is not good for your health!”

An Xiaxia pursed her lips and looked crestfallen. “Oh…”

Seeing her sad little face, Sheng Yize felt sorry and gave in. “You can have one bite and no more.”

“Yes! Yes!” An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly and went happily with Sheng Yize to buy an ice cream cone.

Sheng Yize held it in his hand and said sternly, “One bite and I’m throwing it away.”

“You’re so wasteful! We paid for it, we have to eat it all!” An Xiaxia grumbled, at which Sheng Yize raised the cone. “Then don’t eat it. I don’t want you to come to me crying that your belly aches.”

An Xiaxia flushed at the memory of her embarrassing cramp the last time. She stomped her foot. “Fine! One bite!”

“One bite and no more!” stressed Sheng Yize.

“Gosh, just give it to me!” An Xiaxia was vexed.

Sheng Yize brought the cone to her mouth and An Xiaxia took a big bite.

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. She really made that bite count. About half of the ice cream was gone!

He moved the cone away with An Xiaxia hopping behind him. “Don’t throw it away. Just let me have another bite! Aww! Or just let me lick it. I haven’t even tasted it…”

Thud —

Sheng Yize briskly dropped the cone in the bin and strode off casually with his long legs. “Let’s go. It’s time to go in.”

An Xiaxia stood there mumbling at the garbage bin. “Isn’t there a three-second rule saying that if the food is picked up within three seconds, it can still be eaten…”

Sheng Yize listened to this in shock.

Fearing that she might actually pick it out of the bin and eat it, he grabbed An Xiaxia by the back of her collar and dragged her into the theater despite her protests.

He had chosen the best seats in the center of the hall. After sitting himself and An Xiaxia down, he checked the stub out of habit.

“Sin City.”

The name suggested a major action movie.

That was the impression Sheng Yize had. However, something kept nagging at him.

He knew what it was when the movie started playing.

It was a romance! With explicit scenes!