Chapter 176: He Had It Coming

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Sheng Yize felt very awkward now.

He had heard the director mention this movie when shooting “Banished Immortal” as he talked about how appealing it was to both critics and the audience. It was said to be a strong contender for the Academy Awards next year.

The movie was indeed outstanding. However, it contained several sex scenes in the second half… which was the implicit but erotic type…

And he had brought An Xiaxia to see such a movie…

Sheng Yize cleared his throat and whispered, “You know what? I heard that this movie is really boring. How about we see something else?”

An Xiaxia gave him a suspicious look. “Really?”

Looking into those bright and clear eyes so close to him now, Sheng Yize fought to keep his face straight. “Uh huh.”

“But we’ve bought the tickets already! Don’t waste them!” An Xiaxia blinked her big eyes as she snickered inside. ‘Hmph! Throw my ice cream cone away, will you? We’re so watching this boring movie! You’re going nowhere!’

Sheng Yize suffered in silence. He then tried to take An Xiaxia away by force, but the movie was already playing and An Xiaxia wouldn’t let him. Their little tussle only raised a round of complaints from the audience around them.

Sheng Yize had no other choice but to brace himself for the upcoming scenes.

The first half of the movie was about an orphan girl who lived on the bottom rung of society as she experienced everything under the sun and all the fickleness of the world.

The plot was fascinating and the message delivered was profound. However, Sheng Yize might as well be sitting on a spiked rug.

Luckily, An Xiaxia found this type of movie utterly boring. She dozed off after eating some popcorn and her little head nodded until it landed on Sheng Yize’s shoulder.

Feeling the weight on his shoulder, Sheng Yize tensed up right away. He dared not move even a muscle, fearing that he might wake An Xiaxia up.

She was sleeping soundly and even smacked her lips, making him wonder what wonderful dream she was having then.

Halfway into the movie, the orphan girl saved an old man, who happened to be the richest man in the city. Childless, he left all his money to the orphan girl after he died, which turned the girl’s life around overnight. Meanwhile, her interactions with the lead and supporting male characters were also heading in the romantic direction.

During a banquet, the orphan girl made her grand entrance wearing the most splendid dress. Not only did she draw many amazed looks, she also swept the hero off his feet.

The two then engaged in a passionate kiss on the balcony. With a tearing motion from the hero, the dress fell off her in pieces and they began to do it right on the balcony…

Sheng Yize: *facepalm* The use of lighting in the scene was extremely artistic and there wasn’t a single flash of nude bodies. However, the shadows and sounds alone were evidence enough of what they were doing.

He darted an anxious look at An Xiaxia. Fortunately, the little dummy was still sleeping.

Sheng Yize hoped more than anything else that she would keep sleeping.

Later, when the love scenes started happening at more frequent intervals, Sheng Yize looked around and saw that many couples had begun to make out. An air of lust began to fill the dark hall.

An Xiaxia suddenly stirred and rubbed his shoulder, which instantly made him tense up!

“Hm… my ice cream cone…” An Xiaxia grumbled and sniffled, burying her little face into the hollow of his neck like an innocent kitten.

Sheng Yize let out a sigh of relief, but became uneasy almost right away.

The sporadic hot breath at this shoulder made him very fidgety. Up on the screen, the hero and the heroine were still tirelessly making love and down here in the hall, he could hear the sounds the kissing couples were making all around him.

Shit! What had gotten into his head to make him bring An Xiaxia to a movie!

He had it coming and it was all his own fault!

Why had he pushed himself into this living hell?!