Chapter 177: Do You Care About Me?

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The 120-minute film contained as much as 60 minutes of cuddling, kissing, and love-making…

When it ended, the much tortured Sheng Yize frowned and gave An Xiaxia a little nudge.

An Xiaxia slowly woke up and slurred, “Is it over?”

Sheng Yize looked intensely at her as he gave off a dangerous air.

“Wipe your drool!”

An Xiaxia jumped and was fully awake right away. She hastily wiped her mouth, then looked at Sheng Yize nervously.

The lights overhead were switched on one by one and as the hall lit up, they could see each other more and more clearly until they sat there looking into each other’s eyes.

An Xiaxia squinted, yet to adjust to the light. Sheng Yize suddenly reached out and gave her cheeks a pinch.

“Mhm…” An Xiaxia was baffled by this sudden prankish move when Sheng Yize gritted his teeth and said, “You little fool! I’m not watching any movie with you again!”

It sounded like he was venting his grievances and complaining at the same time. His dark eyes burned with anger.

An Xiaxia whined, “It hurts…”

“Hmph!” Sheng Yize snorted like a tsundere and went even further and gave her cheeks another few pinches, enjoying how great it felt under his fingertips.

Call all that pinching payback for the hellish torture he had had to go through just then.

An Xiaxia endured with her big teary eyes, having no idea what all this was about.

She was then saved by the vibration of the phone. Sheng Yize let go of her face, took out his phone, and answered the call.

The director’s hearty laugh came from the other side. “Hello, Yize, hoho… Are you busy at the moment? Do you have time for some retakes today?”

Sheng Yize had always been devoted to his work. After talking it over with the director, he looked up at An Xiaxia and said, “Let me get you home first.”

With that, he rose to his feet and headed out, with An Xiaxia trailing behind him like a little tail and looking disgruntled. “The doctor told you to steer clear of strenuous exercise. Sheng Yize, you call me dumb all the time, but the way I see it, you’re the biggest fool in this world! Playing in the basketball game first and now going back to filming. Do you think you’re Superman? How is that good for your health?”

He halted all of a sudden. An Xiaxia didn’t see it coming and bumped into his arms.

Sheng Yize pressed his hands onto her shoulders and his eyes sparkled like resplendent stars, setting off that mole under his eye and making it as stunning as a vermilion dot.

“An Xiaxia, with all your nagging, can I assume that you actually care about me?” His clear and mellow sound rang out by An Xiaxia’s ear and she felt like she was hearing fireworks in her head as if it was the Fourth of July.

Oh god… what on earth was she doing…

It was Sheng Yize they were talking about here; who was she to care about him?

She must have stepped out of line.

She was knocking at an open door.

“So? Do you?” he asked again gently.

Flying into an ashamed fit of anger, An Xiaxia felt as if she had just been teased by him. She yelled, “Of course not! Why should I care about you?! Do whatever you want, I won’t say another word!”

She pushed Sheng Yize out of her way and hurried out, jumping several steps at a time when going down the stairs. She then lost her footing and fell to the ground facedown.

The ground was cold, but it helped to clear her head right away.

Sheng Yize hurried to her side and helped her up. He sounded as if he was complaining. “You’re even too clumsy to walk properly! Do you need me to carry you?”

An Xiaxia: *facepalm* This was so humiliating.

Sheng Yize peeled her hands off her face and forced her to look into his eyes.

“I’m going to ask you again. An Xiaxia, do you care about me?”