Chapter 178: An Xiaxia, Do You Have a Death Wish?!

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A pink blush spread from An Xiaxia’s cheeks all the way to behind her ears and down her neck as she blinked her bright black eyes and bit her lower lip.

“I… I don’t,” she denied stubbornly.

Sheng Yize let out a long “ooooooh” and stared right into her eyes. “So why does it have anything to do with you whether I choose to play a game or shoot a scene?”

“I’m just afraid that you might get hurt!” An Xiaxia blurted out anxiously, then covered her mouth right away.

Shit. She just admitted it willingly herself!

Afraid of him getting hurt was indeed caring about him…

She had just skillfully slapped her own face…

She was so flustered that her eyes glistened with tears. Waving her little fists around, she contested, “So what if I do! I care about you as a classmate, a deskmate, and a friend! What’s wrong with that!”

The corners of Sheng Yize’s mouth lifted up and there was delight in his eyes.

This little woman that wouldn’t speak her heart.

He remembered a saying: there was never enough truth spoken in this world, and the flushed cheeks of a woman transcended a lengthy speech.

Her cheeks were redder than a monkey’s bottom and she still wouldn’t admit it.

After sensing the girl’s feelings for him, Sheng Yize raised his eyebrows and helped her up. He then said in a cocky tone, “Come, let’s get you home.”

An Xiaxia trotted after him guiltily.

The Porsche stopped outside the An family home.

Sheng Yize walked her in when a delivery guy happened to arrived with a parcel. An Xiaxia signed it and checked the receipt suspiciously. It turned out to be from Su Xiaomo.

Why act so mysterious…

She ripped the package open and saw the “Rong×Sheng Graphic Novel” on the cover. The timing couldn’t have been any worse.

Panic-stricken, she tried to hide it, but only dropped it on the ground clumsily.

Sheng Yize sighed. “You’re such a dummy!”

Despite his scornful tone, he still deigned to bend down and pick it up himself.

His sharp eyes glanced over the open pages and he saw that it looked like an album of paintings, with illustrations and text. Both the binding and the design layout looked rather nice.

However… why did the illustrations look so… um, wrong…

He frowned and took a closer look. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“An Xiaxia, you’re reading this stuff now?” he furrowed his brow and asked in a surprised tone.

Papa An was making coffee behind the bar and asked with a smile, “What is it?”

An Xiaxia panicked and covered Sheng Yize’s mouth. “Don’t you have a scene to shoot? Off you go!”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Sis Ke is so busy these days, but I need a junior assistant on site. Uncle An, may I bring Xiaxia with me to give me a hand?”

“Of course,” replied the good-tempered Papa An.

Hence, An Xiaxia was loaded back into the car.

On the way to the filming site.

Sheng Yize flipped through the book gracefully page by page and his face grew dark as he went on.

An Xiaxia wished there was a hole in the ground that she could bury herself in!

The book was none other than the Rong Che/Sheng Yize fanfiction Su Xiaomo, Mu Li, and herself had come up with a while ago.

She had written the entire plot, which was nothing but a short, heart-warming piece of slash fiction. However, once embellished by Su Xiaomo’s vivid imagination, it had turned into almost nothing but hentai illustrations.

Sheng Yize snapped the book shut after finishing the last page and squeezed the words out through his teeth —

“An Xiaxia! Do you have a death wish?!”

An Xiaxia huddled in a corner and wailed, “I– I’m sorry…”