Chapter 179: How Would You Like Me to Punish You?

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Sheng Yize was fuming. “That’s why you’ve been avoiding me these days, isn’t it? You had a guilty conscience, didn’t you?”

An Xiaxia buried her head in her chest and listened in silence.

Sob … why was she so unlucky? She was exposed, just like that?

“What do you have this for? You didn’t print extra copies of this, did you?” Sheng Yize fought back his fury and asked.

An Xiaxia nodded honestly. Sheng Yize immediately gave her a stern look. “Burn them all!”

“Yes! Of course!” An Xiaxia took out her phone right away and called Su Xiaomo.

The call went through and Su Xiaomo’s laugh came from the other end. “Xiaxia, did you get the package I sent you? We’ve sold over a thousand more copies apart from those we ordered in advance! Tsk, tsk. Sheng Yize and Rong Che indeed have a lot of fans…”

The grandpa phone had an extra loud speaker and Sheng Yize naturally heard those words. He could feel the blood vessels throbbing in his temples.

An Xiaxia felt like crying as his stare bored into her flesh.

“Well, how about we don’t sell them…”

“We’ve already sold them all! I’ve sent them all out. Mwahahaha! That’s it. I need to laugh some more. We’ll split the profits and you’ll get several thousand at least!” Su Xiaomo guffawed and hung up.

An Xiaxia shuddered and could feel the tears rushing out.

Holy crap. Su Xiaomo could celebrate all she wanted, but An Xiaxia had a fastidious lord sitting here right beside her!

An Xiaxia held onto Sheng Yize’s arm and pleaded, “They’ve all been sold and sent out… How about this, Sheng Yize? I’ll split my money with you. Just think of it as a guest star role and you were doing it for art!”

Face dark, Sheng Yize flicked An Xiaxia’s head with his finger.

“Good job, An Xiaxia! I see you really are a big girl now! That’s a hell of a way to make money! Doing it for art? My ass!”

An Xiaxia whimpered, “Don’t hit me. I’m sorry.”

With her soft nasal voice, no one could resist her coquetry.

It melted Sheng Yize’s heart right away. Now that she had given in, he couldn’t actually bring himself to do anything to her.

He snorted and looked out the window.

An Xiaxia covered her little head with her hands and looked up timidly. Seeing that he wasn’t going to do anything, she secretly let out a breath of relief.

“How much can you make selling this?” asked Sheng Yize all of a sudden.

An Xiaxia calculated with her fingers. “About three to five thousand for each of us. It depends on how many yaoi fans you and Rong Che have…”

As expected, Sheng Yize gave her another glare before crossing his legs. “How are you going to spend the money, then?”

Somehow, An Xiaxia felt that she was witnessing a scheming landowner exploit his hardworking laborer…

“I’ll buy a new phone and save the rest for my idol merchandise and snacks. Oh right, the game I’m playing has just come up with a new outfit and I’m going to buy one…” She carefully listed them all, only to realize that Sheng Yize’s face had grown darker.

She asked nervously, “You’re not taking all the money, are you? I can do fifty-fifty and no more! You can’t be that heartless!”

Sheng Yize was vexed. “An Xiaxia, am I not more important than all those merchandise and snacks to you?”

An Xiaxia pondered it for a long moment before saying worriedly, “You’re more important, I suppose… but the merchandise and snacks are very important, too…”

Infuriated, Sheng Yize broke out laughing instead, which flustered An Xiaxia.

“Tell me, how would you like me to punish you?”