Chapter 181: I’m a Dead Body and I Can’t Move!

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However, this seemed to be the first time she had ever seen Sheng Yize laugh so earnestly.

She had seen him smile many times — scornfully, coldly, distastefully, you name it. Although she had to say that he looked handsome no matter what type of smile it was, the one which came from the bottom of his heart was the most stunning.

And it also made her heart flutter the most.

Pressing her palm to her thumping chest, she changed the subject. “What do you mean?”

“We need an extra. Do you want the part? You’ll get paid and it comes with free lunch~” Sheng Yize smiled at her.

An Xiaxia couldn’t nod quickly enough. She then went to find the costume department as instructed.

Sheng Yize smiled knowingly behind her and went to change into his own costume as well.

Li Fanxing watched all this from a short distance away and a malicious look flashed across her face.

She dug her exquisite manicured nails into the hem of her clothes, as if that was the only way she could give vent to her discontent.

Why? Why could that stupid girl get Sheng Yize’s attention?

When An Xiaxia walked out again in her costume, those who were nearby fell silent.

She was playing a spiritual rabbit on Yunxian Mountain and was dressed all in white. Her hair was tied up into symmetrical buns on either side of her head, which was complimented by a bunny-ear hairpiece. She looked pretty and adorable in it.

There was also a little white tail on her lower back, which was the cutest thing ever.

When Sheng Yize came out of his dressing room and saw this, his face lit up as well.

He didn’t expect the part to suit her this well.

So well that he almost had the impulse to snatch her up and take her back home this moment.

After the lead roles and the extras were all ready, the director briefly talked them through the scene.

This scene was the one where Yehuan abandoned his status as an immortal and devolved into a demon. He killed every living soul on Yunxian Mountain just to take the immortal glossy ganoderma they safeguarded so that he could give it to his loved one.

The spiritual rabbit An Xiaxia played was one of the cannon fodder.

Following the instructions of the script supervisor, An Xiaxia happily lay on the ground, closed her eyes, and played the corpse.

She looked so cute that Sheng Yize curled his lips in a smile.

He couldn’t help but wonder what this little woman was so happy about every day — she even took joy in playing a dead body.

The script supervisor clapped the slate, and Sheng Yize got into character and began to act opposite Li Fanxing.

Halfway through, Li Fanxing forgot her line and the director called “Cut!” unhappily.

Li Fanxing apologized repeatedly. The director then said with a dark face, “All departments, stay sharp. The ensemble scene is always difficult to shoot because of all the people we have to move around. Let’s try get it done with the next take!”

During this brief moment, Sheng Yize poked An Xiaxia with the sheath of his sword. “Hey, turn over.”

An Xiaxia stressed in a serious tone, “I’m a dead body and I can’t move!”

The corner of Sheng Yize’s mouth twitched. “Face me so that the camera will catch your face. Don’t you want Uncle An to see you on TV later?”

That persuaded An Xiaxia and she briskly rolled on the ground, facing Sheng Yize. She then went on playing the dead body diligently.

Li Fanxing stomped her feet angrily. When the camera rolled again, she inconspicuously shifted and stepped right onto An Xiaxia’s hand!

An Xiaxia almost cried out in pain. However, when she recalled the director stressing how difficult an ensemble scene was, she didn’t want to hold everyone else back and endured the pain.

As Li Fanxing performed her part with rich feeling on her face, she twisted and turned her ankle, grinding it into An Xiaxia’s hand!

The scene was only a few minutes long, but to An Xiaxia, it felt like a century.

When the director called out “Cut!”, she felt like she had heard the sound of her savior. Crawling to her feet, she blew on her hand.

That was so painful! Sob …

She glared at Li Fanxing, who remained unmoved and apologized insincerely, “Sorry, Xiaxia. Did I step on you just then?”