Chapter 182: Do You Even Know What Shame Is

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An Xiaxia puffed up her cheeks. “Li Fanxing, you’ve gone too far! How could you do that!”

With her lie exposed, Li Fanxing looked around and saw that Sheng Yize had been summoned by the director. She was emboldened right away. “Why can’t I? You’re playing a spiritual rabbit and I see you’re no smarter than a rabbit. You know perfectly well who Sheng Yize is, don’t you? Do you think he’s someone you can get your hands on? So many girls want to have a piece of him and they’re all a hundred times better than you in their families, their looks, and their manners! Even if he likes someone, it will only be a girl from a similar background! You don’t deserve him. Don’t you see that? How dare you even think about it…”

The words stabbed into An Xiaxia’s heart like needles.

She had never thought about being with Sheng Yize, but that didn’t mean she would stand there and listen to Li Fanxing’s humiliating words!

“Don’t push it! You’re lecturing me like some decent person. Don’t you want a piece of him as well? You can like him all you want, but don’t pull everyone down to your level!” An Xiaxia said angrily.

She had seen right through Li Fanxing and the shame infuriated the latter. “An Xiaxia, do you even know what shame is? I’ve known him for years. How long have you known him for? You’re even following him around shamelessly. He’s used to fine food and is only having a bite of a pickle out of curiosity. Be a smart girl and walk away. Don’t make it difficult for all of us!”

An Xiaxia could feel the little flames rising off the top of her crown.

It was the first time in her life that someone was saying something so terrible to her.

She didn’t even know what she had done wrong. Did she deserve that just because she knew Sheng Yize?

An Xiaxia had never been someone who would suffer defeat quietly. She roared with anger, “Who cares how many years you’ve known him for? He didn’t even know your name! Just admit it! You envy me! He would rather be with a pickle like me than spare you a glance!”

Li Fanxing didn’t expect An Xiaxia to have such a sharp tongue and bit her lip at this retort. Her pretty eyes filled with rage.

She raised a hand and tried to slap An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia reacted quickly enough and dodged her strike.

Li Fanxing was not as fortunate. She tripped over her multi-layered costume and fell to the ground in a sorry pile.

They were shooting outdoors and the ground was covered in gravel. Li Fanxing shrieked, and her manager rushed over to help her up.

Her palms were all bloody from the scratches and looked quite terrifying.

Qiqi, her manager, began to blame An Xiaxia. “What are you up to? Look what you did to Fanxing!”

An Xiaxia was baffled. “She was the one trying to hit me and fell down herself. Am I supposed to just stand there and let her hit me?”

“How could Fanxing hit you? You must have asked for it!” Qiqi roared, regardless of what really happened. “Plus, even if Fanxing wanted to hit you, it’s your honor to take it. Who gave you permission to move away from it?”

An Xiaxia didn’t know what to say to that.

‘She tried to hit me and it was my honor?’ What sort of ridiculous theory was that?

“An Xiaxia!” Li Fanxing squeezed her name out through her teeth. Just as she was going to threaten her some more, a nice, deep voice rang out from behind. “An Xiaxia, what’s taking you so long? Go remove your makeup and change back into your clothes.”

It was Sheng Yize!

Li Fanxing wiped the vicious look off her face right away and leaned weakly on Qiqi. She then wailed, “Xiaxia, I know we don’t exactly see eye to eye, but you shouldn’t have hurt me like that. Yize, see how outrageous she is…”