Chapter 184: Sheng Yize’s “Punishment” (2)

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“Punish?” An Xiaxia asked in reply. Realization then dawned on her.

OMG! He wasn’t talking about the fanfiction, was he?

She tiptoed off to one side, trying to find a chance to sneak off.

“Move again and I’ll break your legs.” Sheng Yize browbeat her with a poker face.

An Xiaxia sat up properly right away and played the good girl.

“Now, how should I punish you?” Sheng Yize crossed his long legs and asked in an unhurried tone. His eyes flickered with a teasing look.

An Xiaxia pointed at herself in disbelief. “Are you making me decide my own punishment?”

Hm… this guy was so wicked!

“Yup, or else?” Sheng Yize looked perfectly composed.

An Xiaxia whimpered and twisted her fingers together. “Actually, I only took care of the plot and they were all heart-warming scenes… I didn’t do the drawings, so I’m an accomplice at most and it’s not like I’ve committed a crime punishable by death. Boss Yize, have mercy and forgive me. Mwa~”

Sheng Yize liked that final “mwa” a lot. However, he was deliberately trying to tease the little woman and shook his head, looking all serious. “That won’t do. You’ve violated my reputation rights and portraiture rights and I have to get to the bottom of this!”

An Xiaxia took his arm and shook it gently, then looked at him with the most innocent and earnest eyes, hoping to move Sheng Yize.

Sheng Yize’s heart melted at her gesture, but he still managed to keep his face expressionless.

“Then, then what punishment do you want to give me?” An Xiaxia lowered her head like a primary school student that had been caught doing naughty things.

Sheng Yize smiled a little and beckoned at her with a finger. “Come here.”

An Xiaxia inched to his side without suspecting anything.

The two were now standing in front of a mirror, which reflected the elegant and poised teenager and the fidgety teenage girl.

Sheng Yize raised her chin and looked at her exquisite face and clear eyes. Something then struck him and his lips landed gently on hers.

An Xiaxia was dazed.

Outside, Li Fanxing was even more shocked!

Sheng Yize had kissed An Xiaxia voluntarily! How was that possible?

After ravishing her tender lips for a moment, Sheng Yize suddenly bit her. When An Xiaxia protested in pain, Sheng Yize forced her mouth open and deepened the kiss.

It was a most passionate and long kiss.

An Xiaxia was so flustered that she was almost in tears. She tried to push Sheng Yize away with her injured hand, but wailed in pain when she touched his strong chest. She immediately wanted to draw back her hand.

Sheng Yize seemed to sense this and took her little hand in his while pressing forward harder with his kiss.

An Xiaxia was pushed back into the chair, and when she shifted her gaze, she could see the two entangled kissing figures in the mirror.

Was that blushing and dreamy-looking person really her?

Unhappy with her lack of focus, Sheng Yize gave her a little bite again, which brought An Xiaxia back and she mumbled, “Sheng Yize… let – let go of me.”

His movements were almost boorish, which seemed to be telling her “absolutely not.”

An Xiaxia felt like crying. She would be out of breath if he didn’t stop what he was doing soon!!!

Li Fanxing witnessed the entire scene outside with a thousand different expressions flashing across her face. Eventually, her face was as dark as a cloudy sky.

Taking out her phone, she quietly took a photo of the kissing couple…

The handsome teenager inside seemed to sense something. He stopped what he was doing and darted a sharp look in her direction with a frown.

Heart thumping, Li Fanxing clutched her phone in her hand and fled the scene.