Chapter 185: Sheng Yize’s “Punishment” (3)

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His furrowed his brow and his face was emotionlessly cold. Only when he shifted his eyes back to An Xiaxia did his face soften a little again.

“I’m certainly happy to consider the option if you want me to take responsibility for what I did to you…” The smile on Sheng Yize’s face reminded one of a cunning fox.

An Xiaxia felt like crying a river. “Sheng Yize… Are you done making fun of me yet?! No, no, no, this cannot be real. I must be dreaming…”

She didn’t want to accept the fact that Sheng Yize had stolen a kiss from her again!

Sheng Yize seemed interested at her reaction and moved closer. “Why do you think it’s a dream? Don’t tell me you’ve had naughty dreams about you and me? Tsk, tsk, An Xiaxia, I never saw you as that sort of person…”

An Xiaxia blushed and said hastily, “I didn’t! Why did you kiss me if it wasn’t a dream? Sheng Yize, you pervert! Mhm… not again…”

Before she could finish, she was stopped by Sheng Yize again with another kiss.

“You’re free to express your discontent. However, each time comes with a kiss.” He curled his lips in a most alluring smile. “I’m punishing you for not following my orders.”

Realization finally dawned on An Xiaxia: so, this was the punishment!

Sob … karma really was a bitch…

“I’m not your girlfriend and you – you can’t kiss me! Sheng Yize… you must apologize to me!” An Xiaxia stammered, at which Sheng Yize narrowed his charming eyes. “Oh? Do you want another one?”

An Xiaxia covered her mouth immediately and stared at Sheng Yize with unblinking eyes.

“Anything else?”

An Xiaxia shook her head most unwillingly.

“No more discontent, then?”

More unwilling head-shaking.

“Good.” Sheng Yize smiled a very satisfied smile.

It was so much fun teasing this little dummy.

However, would this little fool be so ignorant that she would help her kidnapper count the money for her own ransom?

Mhm, he would need to keep both his eyes open for her, as well as teach her to watch out for the bad guys…

All kinds of ideas were going through a certain fellow’s head, which An Xiaxia knew nothing about.

Had she known what Sheng Yize was thinking at that moment, she would probably offer her timid sarcasm: The one I should watch out for the most is you …

After a busy day, all the retakes were finished. It was already dark when the two got back home and they were just in time for dinner.

An Xiaxia didn’t eat much for a whole day and dove on the meat dishes with shining eyes.

An Yibei sneered at her table manners out of habit, then asked suddenly, “Xiaxia, are you heaty?”

“Nope,” said An Xiaxia while wolfing down the meat.

“Then why are your lips so red? They look swollen, too…” An Yibei furrowed his brow.

An Xiaxia froze. Sheng Yize also stopped moving his hand that was holding the chopsticks.

“Oh, hoho, I think I’m a little heaty, then. I’ve been eating too much spicy food these days…” An Xiaxia forced out a smile and kicked Sheng Yize quietly under the table.

Sheng Yize only pursed his lips and didn’t seem to mind at all. In the end, he failed to hide the smile on his face.

The next day.

During the class meeting session, the class teacher Bai Ziyue went through the trifles before changing the subject. “I know a lot of you aren’t happy with Qi Yanxi, but he has taken a sick leave of absence for quite some time now. As a teacher, I also have trouble dealing with his rebellious and capricious behavior. However, disliking him won’t change anything. Instead, I think we should show him more concern.”

A round of boos rang out in the classroom.

“I think we should send two students to visit him on our behalf. Any volunteers? Raise your hand, please~”