Chapter 186: His Future, Her Life (1)

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Bai Ziyue scanned the classroom expectantly over and over again, but none of the dozens of students raised a hand.

She sighed and looked around, and her eyes landed on Sheng Yize and An Xiaxia.

She recalled Qi Yanxi talking to these two and they also sat next to one another. Perhaps they were more familiar with him than the others?

She probed, “Sheng Yize, An Xiaxia, how do the two of you feel about visiting him?”

Both were taken aback.

The rest of the class booed and hooted. “Good idea! Miss Bai, that’s a very wise decision!”

Sheng Yize frowned and An Xiaxia sat there dumbfounded. The teacher and the entire class hence dumped the burden on their shoulders.

After school, An Xiaxia bought some nutritious food from a nearby supermarket with the money from the class fund. She then went back to fetch Sheng Yize.

He was sitting in his car and said in a detached manner, “Have fun going on your own. I don’t want to see him.”

“But Miss Bai asked us to go together,” said An Xiaxia, looking distressed. “Fine… I can go on my own if you don’t want to.”

After all, the two might break into a fight again if Sheng Yize went with her, which was a scene she didn’t want to see at all.

She walked away carrying the heavy bags and the frown on Sheng Yize’s face grew deeper as he watched her from behind.

Damn it. He couldn’t let her go alone!

That fellow Qi Yanxi was definitely harboring evil designs on An Xiaxia.

He rolled down the car window and called after An Xiaxia. “Hey, stop right there.”

An Xiaxia looked back at him in confusion and he said grumpily, “Get in. I’m coming with you.”

An Xiaxia was noticeably delighted and got into the car cheerfully.

An Xiaxia was shocked when the car came to a stop outside the Qi family villa.

Gosh… It was a villa, and a big one, with a manor behind it…

These abominably rich capitalists… This was so luxurious, ridiculously luxurious!

While she stood there amazed, Sheng Yize pursed his lips with distaste. “You naive little fool.”

He volunteered to carry the heavy box, leaving An Xiaxia with the lightest box of tonic.

An Xiaxia didn’t notice his maneuvering. She only picked up the box and remained shocked the whole way in.

The butler greeted them and bowed respectfully. After being told why they were here, he sent a maid upstairs to inform Qi Yanxi.

An Xiaxia couldn’t stand an old man bowing at her and immediately bowed back herself.

She took in the interior design and saw that it was in an extravagant European style. Antiques were placed everywhere and there were a few oil paintings on the walls.

She could understand none of them, but was sure that they had to be very expensive… After all, art was not meant to be understood.

Qi Yanxi lay in bed with one leg in a cast. He wasn’t going anywhere.

The school bag Mu Li brought up for him had been completely trashed — he had torn every single page out of the textbooks as a demonstration of how angry he was.

Father Qi had been so infuriated that he had almost given him another beating.

Right now, the room had been swept clean, and with nothing better to do, Qi Yanxi stared blankly into the air with his arms crossed behind his head.

There was only one intact piece of paper by his pillow.

It was that thing he had tricked An Xiaxia into signing the other day.

“An Xiaxia has willingly become Qi Yanxi’s personal belonging…”

An Xiaxia…

Damn it! Why was he thinking about her again!

Annoyed, Qi Yanxi cursed under his breath just as the maid pushed the door open.

He bellowed impatiently, “What? Speak and get the hell out!”

The maid replied in a trembling voice, “Young Master, two of your classmates are here to see you. I think one of them is – is An Xiaxia…”

Qi Yanxi was taken aback before euphoria swept over him.

An Xiaxia was here of her own accord to see him?