Chapter 187: His Future, Her Life (2)

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He bolted up, which pulled at his injured leg and made him draw in a painful breath.

Glancing down at his disheveled pajamas and unkempt hair, he said in a flurry, “Um, don’t bring her up just yet. Let her wait a moment. Get me something to wear first.”

The maid fetched him some clothes in a hurry and went back downstairs.

When An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize went up to his room, they saw Qi Yanxi wearing a grey sweater, with slightly messy hair, and absorbed in a book.

“Ha… your book is upside down,” mocked Sheng Yize mercilessly.

Hearing his voice, Qi Yanxi looked up in surprise. He immediately felt sick to his stomach when he saw Sheng Yize. “Damn it. What are you doing here?”

An Xiaxia said gingerly, “We’re here to visit you…”

Qi Yanxi’s face darkened.

He had thought An Xiaxia’s conscience had gotten the better of her and that she had come here just for him. Never did he expect for her to show up with Sheng Yize!

Was she here to show her muscle or to taunt him?

“Who sent you here?” Qi Yanxi snorted, looking rather grumpy.

An Xiaxia said awkwardly, “Miss Bai did… she asked us to visit you on behalf of the entire class.”

Sensing the anger emanating from him, An Xiaxia stumbled back a little.

“We saw him. We can go now.” Sheng Yize picked up An Xiaxia and was ready to leave when a hearty laughter rang out from behind. “Yize, you’re here. Haha, I haven’t seen you in ages.”

Following that greeting, they saw that Father Qi had just gotten back. Clad in a smart suit, he looked in great shape and very sprightly.

Sheng Yize greeted him politely and Father Qi said with a smile, “Shall we play some chess?”

Sheng Yize couldn’t say no to the offer and nodded. He then turned to An Xiaxia. “Are you coming to watch me play chess or wait for me here?”

An Xiaxia was never a fan of things like cards or chess, so she shook her head. Sheng Yize sighed, then darted a look at Qi Yanxi, who was still in bed. Since he didn’t think the latter could do any harm in his current state, Sheng Yize instructed An Xiaxia to wait for him and went to the study to play chess with Father Qi.

The look on Qi Yanxi’s face changed immediately after the two left. Pursing his lips, he said, “If I didn’t know better, I’d think Sheng Yize was his own son.”

An Xiaxia sat down on a small sofa and held a cushion in her arms. “Why would you say that? Your father likes him, that’s all. But you’re definitely his most favorite person in the world.”

“Tsk, that’s gross.” Qi Yanxi smirked.

Since when would a father severely injure his own son?

He played with his tablet disinterestedly, leaving An Xiaxia to sit there on her own.

The background music rang out as he cleared one level after another in the game. However, the emptiness in his chest seemed to grow bigger and bigger.

Looking up, his eyes involuntarily turned to An Xiaxia, who was flipping through a random book. The serious look on her face made Qi Yanxi’s heart skip a beat.

He asked awkwardly, “Hey, An Xiaxia, are you and Sheng Yize dating?”

An Xiaxia shook her head. “No.”

She was actually telling the truth.

Qi Yanxi’s face lit up. Since they weren’t together, it meant he still had a chance, right?

“Qi Yanxi, get well soon and don’t be so willful from now on. Many people will feel sad when you get hurt!” An Xiaxia tried to persuade him in an earnest tone.

The smile froze on Qi Yanxi’s face. “You’re imagining things. No one’s going to feel sad for me.”

“At the very least you feel pain when you get hurt! Why would you do that to yourself?”

“I… hurt?” Qi Yanxi asked in a daze.

How long had it been since anyone asked him if he was in pain, too?