Chapter 188: His Future, Her Life (3)

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“That’s right. You’re hurting yourself as much as you hurt your enemy. Why would you do that?” An Xiaxia sighed. “Look, you’ve injured your leg fighting someone else. Forget the others, didn’t it hurt you?”

Pursing his lips, Qi Yanxi thought about explaining to her, but decided against it after a moment.

He hadn’t fought anyone; it had been a one-sided beating from his old man.

One in which he couldn’t fight back.

He then became the culprit after the beating, as if everything was his fault.

No one ever bothered to ask him, “Did it hurt?”

He looked away uncomfortably. “It doesn’t hurt at all. I’m a man and I can take it!”

An Xiaxia twitched her mouth. “Ok… whatever.”

She went back to the book and Qi Yanxi’s eyes followed her despite himself. He tried very hard to find something to say and after several failed attempts, he finally cleared his throat, trying to draw An Xiaxia’s attention.

“Ahem. I bet Qixia was crushed with me away from the basketball team.” Qi Yanxi’s dark eyebrows quivered a little as he secretly blamed himself.

He remembered that An Xiaxia couldn’t stop talking about hoping to see Qixia win the championship.

He had been training hard every day at the thought of her cheering for him.

However, he didn’t get to play because of his injured leg. An Xiaxia must have been very sad when Qixia lost.

Qi Yanxi hated himself for being so humble around her. He had had it all planned out: he was going to crush her, torment her, and make her cry. However, a few words from An Xiaxia and he already lost steam.

As it turned out, liking a person meant you wanted the best for them.

“We won! Sheng Yize led the team and we beat Chenjiang!” An Xiaxia thrusted her chest out at the mention of that, looking very proud. “Qi Yanxi, you have to get well soon. With you two playing together, we might make it into the finals!”

Qi Yanxi’s face froze. Who was she kidding? Him playing with Sheng Yize at the same time?


Speaking of which, that fellow had stolen his thunder again. Shit!

“Hmph, so what. Like I actually care.” He snorted like a tsundere.

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes and couldn’t be bothered to reply.

Seeing that she was ignoring him again, Qi Yanxi picked up his tablet and went back pretentiously to his game.

However, with her here, everything unrelated to her seemed to have become so boring. Qi Yanxi tapped open a webpage and refreshed it repeatedly, having no idea what he was doing.

All of a sudden, a breaking news headline caught his attention.

[Captain of the well-known group put his love affair on display, kissing his lover as if no one else was around.]

He tapped it open and felt his blood curdling at that moment.

It turned out to be… a photo of Sheng Yize kissing An Xiaxia…

Ha, talk about not dating. They already kissed and she was denying it!

He darted a penetrating look at An Xiaxia and said maliciously, “An Xiaxia, you sure know how to play hard-to-get. Stop acting all innocent. I know you’ve got Sheng Yize in your pocket.”

An Xiaxia was provoked by this speech out of the blue and retorted without thinking, “Qi Yanxi, do you have rabies or what? Stop trying to bite everyone passing your way! Why are you suddenly attacking me?”

“So you know I’m attacking you.” Qi Yanxi sneered and tossed the tablet to her. “Here’s the evidence.”

An Xiaxia caught it in a flurry. These capricious rich young masters! That was an expensive tablet he was tossing around! Watch it!

However, she felt her world crumble when she read the news.

Although the photo was blurry and she couldn’t make out her own face, there was no mistake that the kissing couple was Sheng Yize and herself!