Chapter 189: His Future, Her Life (4)

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Her head felt like a computer that had crashed and everything had gone blank.

Scrolling down the screen without thinking, she saw the comments section drowning in insults —

“Aaaah! My idol! How could he kiss other women?!”

“F**k that bitch! Go to hell! Who are you to kiss Boss Yize?!”

“She’s so disgusting! She will never deserve Captain Yize!”

“Find out who she is! Let her burn in the fury of Starry Night’s fans!”


All kinds of obscene expressions and insults going all the way up to her ancestors tore at An Xiaxia’s nerves.

Such was showbiz, which had entered an era of “male beauty consumption.”

In such news, the male star was always the flawless one and the girl always got all the blame.

Idols announcing their love affairs were treated pretty much the same way. Some fans would indeed offer their good wishes, but more often than not, the girlfriends would be attacked.

Moreover, it was the popular Sheng Yize’s girlfriend that they were talking about here. His fans were known for their aggressiveness and now that their idol was seen kissing another girl, how could they possibly stay calm?

An Xiaxia’s face was drained of all color and she didn’t even notice when the tablet slipped to the floor.

Was it her fault? What had she done to make the entire world attack her?

“Stop acting already. The whole world now knows you’re Sheng Yize’s girlfriend. You can laugh all you want!” Qi Yanxi indeed had a vicious tongue. “You’re such a hypocrite. Are you doing it to me now? I despise girls like you the most!”

An Xiaxia tugged at the lower hem of her clothes, looking perplexed.

Sheng Yize had forced the kiss on her, but she was the one getting all the insults…

She bit her lower lip and all the color was gone from her face. Her hands and feet were cold and blood was rushing to her head with a searing pain. Everything then came back to her, making her sick.

Qi Yanxi wanted to mock her some more when Sheng Yize got back. Seeing the color of An Xiaxia’s face, he frowned and waved a hand in front of her eyes. “Xiaxia, what’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia stared blankly into the air as if he wasn’t there.

Sheng Yize looked around and saw the tablet on the floor.

He picked it up and his eyebrows bunched into a knot.

Damn it! Someone took a picture!

Face dark, he held An Xiaxia by the hand. “Let me take you home. Don’t go anywhere in the next few days and don’t read anything online. An Xiaxia, trust me. I’ll take care of it.”

An Xiaxia nodded, the rims of her eyes reddening.

Qi Yanxi hooted behind them. “You’re so nice to your girlfriend. How sad will that make your little fans~”

“How does it have anything to do with you?” Sheng Yize said with displeasure, which silenced Qi Yanxi right away.

While Sheng Yize left with An Xiaxia, Qi Yanxi was left behind in his room to stew in his anger with no one to vent it on.

On their way back, An Xiaxia heard Sheng Yize pick up several phone calls.

Some were from the agency, some from Sis Ke, and some seemed to be from the Sheng family.

He replied to them all with ease. However, his eyes were filled with anxiety when he turned to look at An Xiaxia.

He couldn’t care less about losing his fans or the scandal and gossip.

However, he didn’t want An Xiaxia going through any of it.

It was his fault to begin with, but she was the one getting hurt in the end.

Reaching out with his long arms, he tried to hold An Xiaxia, but she dodged him in a flurry, as if she was afraid of his touch.

Sheng Yize halted and drew his hands back a moment later.

When they got home, Sis Ke was already waiting in the shop.

Taking off her sunglasses, she said with a stern face, “Yize, give us a minute. I need to talk to Miss An in private.”