Chapter 19: Cohabiting With The Nation’s Idol! (1)

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Back in the classroom, He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng went up to him. He Jiayu then asked, “Has Sis Ke rented a place for us yet?”

“Yes,” Sheng Yize replied.

“Brother Yize, why do you look like that?” Chi Yuanfeng looked surprised. He rarely ever saw Sheng Yize appear this gentle.

Sheng Yize responded with a profound smile which gave Chi Yuanfeng goosebumps.

Of the other two members of Starry Night, Chi Yuanfeng found Sheng Yize the scarier one. Others might think he was handsome and cool, but only Chi Yuanfeng knew what type of “scheming devil” hid behind that face.

Well, if you treasured your life, stay away from the devil!

Chi Yuanfeng retreated to his seat and He Jiayu followed suit, chuckling. “Xiao Feng, do you smell spring in the room?”

“Brother Jiayu, are you alright? It’s autumn right now!” Chi Yuanfeng didn’t understand.

He Jiayu only smiled and didn’t say another word.

That Friday night, Papa An came home and An Xiaxia hugged him excitedly. “Daddy, you finally came back! I missed you so much!”

Papa An was an amiable and benevolent middle-aged man. Time had left its mark on his face, but it did little to mask his dashing looks. One could still imagine how girls must have fallen victim to that face when he was young.

He rubbed his daughter’s head affectionately. “Good girl. I’ll make dinner in a moment. Is your older brother not back yet?”

“Not yet. He seems to have a difficult case this time. He called to tell me that it’ll be at least half a month before he can come back,” replied An Xiaxia before she went right back to buttering him up. “Daddy, I want braised pork, sweet and sour ribs, and steamed fish! I want everything!”

“No problem.” Papa An gazed warmly at his excited daughter who couldn’t seem to stay still.

An Xiaxia was a meat lover who would lose her rationality once she saw meat. After eating lavishly, she helped her dad wash the dishes before returning to her room to sleep, forgetting completely about her debt.

Early next morning.

The sun was shining brightly and a light breeze swept through the air.

An Xiaxia rubbed her eyes and rolled around lazily as she woke up.

Her cell phone let out a sound and she clicked open the notification to find a text message.

“An Xiaxia, as I said, you can’t hide from me.”

An Xiaxia looked at the sender and it was Sheng Yize!

Her hand jerked and she nearly dropped the phone. Quivering, she checked the message several times; it really was from Sheng Yize…

Mhm… Looks like I really have to tell Daddy about this incident…

She didn’t even bother to change her clothes and rushed downstairs in her pajamas right away.

The first floor was the An family’s coffee shop, but it had been closed while Papa An was on vacation. It reopened today and Papa An was busy working at the coffee machines.

An Xiaxia was trying to find the right moment to break the news to her dad when an energetic figure suddenly came bursting through the door. Kang Jian glowed with pride as he walked in and leaned on An Xiaxia’s shoulder, showing off. “Xiaxia, look. These are the shoes my mom bought me yesterday!”

An Xiaxia gave them a glance. They were the latest skateboarding shoes from VANS and they looked nice on Kang Jian.

“Not bad, not bad,” she replied in a perfunctory manner while she racked her brain for a way to bring up her issue to her dad.

Kang Jian acted like he was on drugs as he began to excitedly sing, “My sneakers, fashion, fashion, the best fashion. On the road home, I can’t control myself. Rub, rub 1 …”

The quirky, infectious song entranced An Xiaxia and she danced along with him despite herself, twisting her waist and ankles as she sang along, “Rub, rub, on the smooth floor~ Rub!”

Papa An laughed as he watched the pair act crazy and get high by themselves.

At that moment, a teasing voice came from the door. “Excuse me, is this the An family home?”