Chapter 190: His Future, Her Life (5)

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Sheng Yize frowned and instinctively shielded An Xiaxia from Lu Ke.

Sis Ke fumed; was this little brat afraid that she might eat An Xiaxia up?

“You three should stop going to school in the next few days and go back to your apartment in the city center. I’m afraid it’s no longer safe to stay here. The paparazzi will find this place sooner or later,” Sis Ke briefly instructed him before turning to An Xiaxia. “Let’s talk.”

Fragrant steam curled up from the coffee cup on the table.

An Xiaxia lowered her head in silence.

Sis Ke picked up her cup and took a sip. “Xiaxia, what exactly is your relationship with Yize?”

She had deliberately softened her tone and restrained herself from using her usual intimidating she-wolf manner so as not to frighten An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia didn’t know how to answer that question.

Sheng Yize had always thought her a dumb person from the beginning and she knew perfectly well that she wasn’t the smartest girl in the room as well.

Emotionally, she was even slower. She had never been in a relationship, nor had she ever liked anyone in that way.

Therefore, she had been very confused about her feelings for Sheng Yize and was too flustered to make a definite move.

Whenever the two of them moved forward in a more intimate direction, she would involuntarily retreat and keep brainwashing herself. She was like an ostrich that would bury its head in the sand at the slightest sign of disturbance; flight was always her first reaction.

She was even more confused after running away for so long.

What exactly was she to Sheng Yize?

More than a friend but not yet a girlfriend? Or was everything simply… in her head?

“I… I don’t know.” An Xiaxia gave her honest answer after a prolonged silence.

Sis Ke sighed inwardly, deeming An Xiaxia still the kid she looked to be. Obviously the girl had yet to figure out her own feelings, but she had already done such a ridiculous thing.

“Yize has put a lot of effort into himself and the company has also invested greatly in him in order to get him to his current position. As you may have heard, he had a minor conflict with the company a while ago, resulting in some unpleasant things… However, the company never gave up on him. I too have always treated the artists I manage as my own kids, especially the three of them…” Sis Ke’s words flowed smoothly and she put them in a very tactful way. “I think you know where I’m going with this, right? His acting career and his future as a star are so promising and he’s not responsible for himself alone. As a member of a group, his scandal will be detrimental to the entire group… I trust you don’t want to see Starry Night go down because of you, correct?”

An Xiaxia didn’t comprehend everything she said, but she blinked and replied with a quiet “hm.”

Sis Ke went on coaxing her. “Xiaxia, can you promise me not to ruin them? There are many public relation tactics in place to work the current situation. Yize is still very young and as an idol, we can’t have him be in a relationship. Therefore, we’ll need you to make a public statement admitting that you’re Yize’s sasaeng fan and that you forced yourself on him. That way, the public attention will shift away from him. This incident will then be solved and his future career will not be affected…”

Sis Ke was secretly overwhelmed with guilt after saying those words.

But she had no other choice. She had to do this for Sheng Yize and for Starry Night.

An Xiaxia’s face grew paler.

Sasaeng fans were a particular type of fan who took unnatural interest in the private lives of artists. They would sneak photos and stalk the artists to the point of severely disrupting the lives of the latter. They were even more frightening than pigheaded fans!

With much difficulty, she asked, “Sis Ke… I know his future is very important, but what about my life? How is it any less important?”