Chapter 193: The Confession of Love in the First Snow (2)

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Sheng Yize didn’t move, and An Xiaxia pushed him with all her might, trying to push him out of the room.

However, despite exerting all her strength, Sheng Yize remained there like an iron wall.

She stomped her foot and tears began to well up in her eyes again. “I’m leaving if you won’t!”

Sheng Yize looked helplessly at her and cajoled, “All right, I’m leaving. Get some rest at home. I’ve already told the school you need some time off.”

Hmph! I’m not talking to you!

An Xiaxia looked away and ignored him.

After Sheng Yize left, An Yibei began to reprimand her. “What on earth is going on between you two?”

“Nothing! I don’t know him!” An Xiaxia pouted.

Thud — An Yibei flicked her forehead with his finger and said frustratedly, “Then why did you let him kiss you? Don’t you know when to fight back?”

An Xiaxia whimpered, “I’m not strong enough…”

Seeing his little sister’s pitiful face, An Yibei couldn’t stay angry at her.

She had a point. How could a girl fight it off when a man forced himself on her?

Only that —

If An Xiaxia didn’t like Sheng Yize at all, he would make sure that Sheng Yize paid for this!

However, judging from An Xiaxia’s attitude…

An Yibei cut to the chase and asked directly, “Do you like Sheng Yize or not?”

The question seemed to baffle An Xiaxia. She stood dazed on the spot with her unblinking eyes wide open.

She… couldn’t answer the question…

She should have said outright that she didn’t like him. However, she couldn’t say it…

Seeing her reaction, An Yibei’s face gradually grew darker.

Damn it. He didn’t mind Sheng Yize trying to hit on his sister, but he had never expected him to succeed!

That brat!

“Stay away from Sheng Yize from now on! And you’re not allowed to speak to him even if you see him! Keep at least three meters away from him!” said An Yibei coldly. “Otherwise, you’re not getting any pocket money for the rest of your life!”

He stormed off after that, leaving An Xiaxia alone in her room, feeling utterly confused.

She was torn up inside… but she had no one to talk to.

Lying back in bed, she was heartbroken.

She fell into a confused sleep and when she woke up again, there was a knock at the door.

“Xiaxia, may I come in?” The lively voice belonged to Su Xiaomo.

“Hm,” she replied in low spirits. Su Xiaomo then pushed the door open and trotted in.

“Are you all right? I saw the news. It was deleted soon enough, but the whole school is talking about it…” Su Xiaomo sat down by her bed and began to take things out of her school bag.

Comic books, chips, Nintendo… the whole shebang.

“I know they’re all cursing me.” An Xiaxia sighed.

Su Xiaomo smiled wryly. “Don’t mind those stupid bitches. There, I’ve brought you snacks and other fun things. You just enjoy yourself at home for the next few days!”

An Xiaxia knew she was doing this out of kindness and smiled a grateful smile.

However, she soon knew what a sucky friend Su Xiaomo was…

“Haha! I bet it must feel amazing to kiss Sheng Yize! Tell me all about it! How was his kiss? Was he the bossy type or gentle type? Was there tongue involved… hey, stop hitting me!”

An Xiaxia was smashing her with a cushion with flushed cheeks!

That was enough! How could she ask those questions! An Xiaxia wanted to find a hole to bury herself in!

“Fine, fine, I’ll stop asking you.” Shielding her head with her arms, Su Xiaomo suddenly gave her a cunning smile. “I gave your QQ number to Xiao Yan~”

An Xiaxia had a very bad feeling about what was coming next.

“He knows you like to play games and he took the whole week off for you, saying that he’ll keep you company in the game. Xiaxia, isn’t he a nice guy~”