Chapter 197: The Confession of Love in the First Snow (6)

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An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

Growing up, she might not have had that many pursuers, but actually, enough boys had sent her little notes or given her gifts. It was only that she was still very young, and having a crush on someone felt no more like playing house.

She had never been in a real relationship, let alone hear a confession of love as serious as this one from Xiao Yan.

Flustered, she bit her lip and said innocently, “I… I- I- I, Xiao Yan, don- don’t say such things… let’s talk like normal people. Put that flower away!”

Xiao Yan was embarrassed for a moment, but went on with his speech stubbornly. “Xiaxia, I’m 181cm and 67kg. I don’t drink or smoke, nor do I have any bad habits. I’m not from a rich family and I’m not an heir like Qi Yanxi, but I can provide well enough. Be my girlfriend and I’ll love you, dote on you, take care of you, respect you, and trust you. Will you give me a chance?”

An Xiaxia felt her head spin. Oh god. Wasn’t everything happening a little too fast?

Come to think of it, Xiao Yan was actually a pretty nice candidate. He was handsome, decent, and the president of the student council.

The position usually went to a senior in Year 2 or Year 3. The fact that Xiao Yan had been elected at the very beginning of his high school years was proof enough of his ability.

An Xiaxia couldn’t find anything to complain about with this type of young man.

But somehow, a figure sneering at her while holding a huge saber over his shoulder kept popping into her head…

That diabolical image could be of no one else but Sheng Yize.

With two devil’s horns popping out of his head, he weighed the saber in his hand as he spoke in a slow but cold voice, “An Xiaxia, you’re a dead person if you dare like someone else!”

After that, he slashed down at An Xiaxia with the huge blade.

An Xiaxia jumped at the thought and hopped back several steps.

Gosh, that was terrifying!

Had Sheng Yize brainwashed her or what? Why was she constantly thinking about him?!

Xiao Yan was confused. “Xiaxia, what’s wrong?”

An Xiaxia woke up from her daydream and looked back at him in embarrassment. Rubbing her hands together, she said, “Xiao Yan, I think a relationship should be a two-way thing. Well… I know what I’m saying is hurtful, but one can’t simply jump from not liking someone to liking them. I don’t want to lie to you and I don’t want to take advantage of your kindness either. That’ll be too selfish… We can still be good friends if you don’t find me too dumb. But I really don’t… um, how should I put it? I really don’t have that sort of feelings for you…”

She gestured as she spoke and the expectation on Xiao Yan’s face gradually faded.

Was that how his first confession of love was going to end? In failure?

Sheng Yize watched this in silence a short distance away.

He didn’t expect the little woman to be this level-headed.

The corners of his mouth turned up. Luckily, he had fallen for the right person. The girl was at least smart when it came to emotions.

However, he regretted that conclusion the next second.

Seeing Xiao Yan’s crestfallen face, An Xiaxia was overwhelmed by sympathy. Plus, she was used to hanging out with Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian, and she patted Xiao Yan on the shoulder out of habit, as if they were best buddies.

But that move only brought persistence back into Xiao Yan’s eyes, which alarmed Sheng Yize right away.

One man could easily anticipate the move of another.

As expected, Xiao Yan caught An Xiaxia’s hand and held it in his own.

Before An Xiaxia could take back her hand, Xiao Yan put his free hand on her nape and his thin lips were pressed to hers!