Chapter 198: The Confession of Love in the First Snow (7)

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“Xiao Yan…” An Xiaxia opened her eyes wide and was seriously considering spitting on his face when she was rescued by a bitter and piercing voice. “Hey, has no one ever told you not to kiss someone else’s girlfriend?”

Sheng Yize appeared from behind An Xiaxia with a hand in his pocket.

The interruption dispelled all of Xiao Yan’s amorous thoughts. Cheeks flushing, he immediately released An Xiaxia.

He would even blush when talking to An Xiaxia and had summoned up all his courage to confess his love.

Yet he had almost… forced a kiss on her.

An Xiaxia felt it inappropriate to spit on him now and swallowed it back. However, she choked on her own spit and almost coughed her lungs out.

Sheng Yize’s big hand patted her back in time. “Are you not feeling well?”

An Xiaxia shook her head repeatedly. “No… I’m fine…”

Wait a minute. Why was Sheng Yize here? An Xiaxia looked at him in utter confusion and a shocking idea dawned on her.

“Were you following me?” she snapped.

“Hmph,” Sheng Yize retorted scornfully. “Do I look like a stalker to you?”

He acted like he was so righteous and noble that An Xiaxia couldn’t associate him with some base stalker. She scratched her head and brushed aside all of her suspicions.

Xiao Yan turned to Sheng Yize and his face darkened.

He recognized Sheng Yize after a closer look and was a little confused as well. “Why are you here?”

Sheng Yize was as unhurried as always. “Just passing by.”

An Xiaxia: “…”

Xiao Yan: “…”

Um, could he come up with a worse excuse?

“What did you mean by ‘someone else’s girlfriend’?” Xiao Yan asked, looking gloomy.

An Xiaxia was about to say she didn’t have a boyfriend when Sheng Yize wrapped his arms around her and said matter-of-factly, “Use your eyes.”

Xiao Yan pursed his lips, feeling his eyes sting from what he was seeing.

He clenched his fists as a painful look flickered in his eyes.

Had it been anyone else, he might still have the courage to compete against them. After all, he was an excellent young man himself.

However, it was Sheng Yize he was up against and none of his merits would count.

Sheng Yize was the national idol, the blessed one, and the young genius. Any of those qualities easily outshone his.

The feeling of liking someone but unable to do anything about it was so excruciating that Xiao Yan could feel a shooting pain in his heart.


“Um… W- we’re not. Sheng Yize, stop it…” An Xiaxia found it wrong to lie to Xiao Yan like that and was trying to explain when Sheng Yize put his hand firmly over her mouth. The fellow even appeared perfectly well-mannered. “Thank you for taking care of my Xiaxia. I’m sure you’ve had enough of this troublesome little thing. I’m taking her away right now.”

An Xiaxia jumped around and struggled while Sheng Yize held onto her like he was handling a chicken. To Xiao Yan, their tussle was a most intimate act.

Heh, was this how his first love was going to end?

Xiao Yan smiled wryly.

“Hey, Sheng Yize, how did you get here? Aren’t you afraid of other people stealing a photo of you out in public?” Sheng Yize let go of An Xiaxia a short distance away and An Xiaxia began to shoot questions at him.

Sheng Yize dusted off the nonexistent dirt on his clothes and kept a straight face on. “I think a ‘thank you’ is the least you can offer me.”

“Are you kidding me?” An Xiaxia looked stunned.

Sheng Yize gave her a meaningful look before he sneered and grabbed her hand. He then dragged her onto the Ferris wheel nearby despite her protests!