Chapter 199: The Confession of Love in the First Snow (8)

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Before An Xiaxia could cry out in pain, she was stuffed into the Ferris wheel.

The wheel soon began to turn and they were slowly taken up into the sky.

The confined space was so quiet and all they could hear was their breathing.

An Xiaxia glared at him. “What? You’re going to take me down with you now?”

Sheng Yize ripped off his cap and mask, revealing his handsome face.

Crossing his long legs, he squinted at An Xiaxia, as if he was weighing prey.

His aura was so overpowering that An Xiaxia gave in before she realized it. She timidly huddled into a corner, asking, “Sheng Yize, can I help you with anything?”

Sheng Yize began to grind his teeth.

That question!

That polite tone!

He really wanted to pry her head open and see if she had nothing but water in there!

The little idiot!

“I was only here to see someone’s dumb face — someone was helping their kidnapper count their own ransom money!” Sheng Yize said coolly with his mean expression.

He had always been a level-headed and calm guy. However, when it came to An Xiaxia, he was easily agitated and tetchy, and became this really short-tempered person.

An Xiaxia was hurt by his words and kept silent for a long time before saying in a pitiful tone, “Do all you high-IQ people like to hurt others for fun? Sheng Yize, I admit that you’re a smart guy. You’re remarkable and you’re good at everything. I’m just a fool! An idiot! Are you happy now?!”

She was half-crying by the end of her words.

No one would willingly admit that they were idiots.

But wasn’t that what Sheng Yize wanted from her?

She turned to look out the window. Their pod had risen high enough by now for them to look at the view down below. As they moved further up, the view of the city almost seemed unreal.

The bright sunlit sky had darkened. Had the weather forecast talked about possible sleet today?

An Xiaxia wondered with her muddled head as she kept snuffling. The glass seemed to be clouded over with mist and she couldn’t see outside clearly.

She reached out and wiped the glass, but nothing changed.

There was a moment of confusion before An Xiaxia finally realized: the glass wasn’t foggy. It was her tears.

She bit her lip to stop from crying. However, a little monster seemed to have settled in her heart and it mocked her noisily from there, making her irrationally unhappy.

Why did she have to meet him?

Why did he have to kiss her?

Why was he so gentle to her after making fun of her repeatedly, only to hurt her with his cold words again?

Sheng Yize took in all the changing expressions on her face and he seemed to be moved himself. He then took a deep breath and said, “Xiaxia, let’s talk.”

“No.” An Xiaxia’s adorable voice suggested she was angry.

She began to wipe the tears off her face, but halfway through, Sheng Yize caught her hand.

The small hand felt cool and soft in his palm. It shivered a little at his touch, as if she was afraid of him.

He lifted her chin and looked into her eyes.

Their eyes met and An Xiaxia tried to look away. He then gave her little hand a squeeze, at which she pouted and glared at him.

“Do I annoy you that much?” he asked quietly.

An Xiaxia was harboring a grudge against him and replied without thinking, “Yes, that much! Very much! So, so much!”

Sheng Yize sighed with resignation. A soft kiss then landed on An Xiaxia’s forehead.

Unlike his usual overbearing manner, he was unbelievably gentle today.

Outside, the first snow of the year began to fall.