Chapter 2: Don’t Try to Break Your Promise! (2)

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The young man didn’t reply, but his whole body exuded a freezing cold aura that even made An Xiaxia, who was standing outside the car, retreat two steps backward.

She had never seen someone with such an overbearing air about them.

The young man spoke in a cold and unhurried tone, but his voice was remarkably pleasant. “Pay me back with your flesh? My apologies, but pork isn’t worth much this year.”

An Xiaxia was baffled and stared blankly for a moment before realizing that he had just called her a pig!

“You…” An Xiaxia almost choked on her words. “Then tell me how you want this to be handled!”

Before the young man could reply, a middle-aged man trotted near. He bowed respectfully at the young man in the backseat and said, “Young Master, I’m sorry I’m late.”

“Don’t worry about it,” replied the young man indifferently.

The man was obviously the driver. With a quick glance, he realized right away that there had been an accident. He knitted his brows and said to An Xiaxia in a stern voice, “If I’m guessing correctly, this should be your car’s full responsibility, young miss.”

An Xiaxia was taken aback. The young man seemed to rub it in as he added, “Wang, she just said that she will pay two hundred yuan for this. What do you think?”

The driver rolled his eyes at An Xiaxia right away and bellowed, pointing at her nose, “Do you know that this car is worth millions? Do you know how expensive the repair costs for this car are? Do you even know who the person sitting in the car is…”

She really didn’t…

An Xiaxia shook her head honestly.

The driver was so angry that he gave himself chest pains. He had to pat his chest repeatedly to calm himself down.

The young man inside the car observed the scene in amusement.

He couldn’t help but focus his eyes on her.

She was wearing a white one-piece dress and had shoulder-length long hair and delicate facial features. Her eyes in particular were bright and glittered like the twinkling stars in the night sky.

She was actually a fairly good-looking young woman… with a nice body, too — he had caught a glimpse of her tender white thigh when she had lifted her skirt…

His phone vibrated twice and he looked at it briefly. His eyebrows twitched slightly and he gave an order to the driver. “Deal with this later. Take me to the airport first.”

The young man then rolled down his back window and beckoned An Xiaxia over with his finger.

An Xiaxia stared wide-eyed at his fair and slender finger and before she realized what she was doing, she had walked up to him.

The young man took his sunglasses off and revealed a stunning face of unparalleled beauty.

The long eyebrows, dark gaze, and thin lips… There was something regal about his handsome look. A small light mole beneath his left eye only made him even more bewitching.

“Give me your phone,” said the young man with a deep voice that was as charming as the sound of a cello.

An Xiaxia could only pass her phone over without even thinking.

The young man took the phone and quickly typed his number in and pressed call. Soon after, his own cell began to ring and he returned the phone to An Xiaxia.

“Don’t try to break your promise.”

The Porsche then sped off into the distance.

When Qiao Mu came out from Endless Night Entertainment, An Xiaxia was still standing in the same spot, smiling foolishly.

“Hey, hey, did you get possessed?” Qiao Mu asked her as she waved her hand in front of An Xiaxia’s eyes.

An Xiaxia just kept smiling. “Sis, I just saw a really handsome guy… He was really good-looking and very similar to that celebrity I always trash…”

She suddenly stopped at those words and Qiao Mu looked curiously at her. “You usually just keep going when it comes to celebrities. Why stop in the middle of a sentence today?”

An Xiaxia took out her phone in a flurry and tapped open Weibo. She then looked at the post that she had just had a fan war over, which had a photo of the leader of the group Starry Night…

She stared for approximately two seconds and her eyes instantly widened!

My god! The young man just now, really was the leader of the band Starry Night, Sheng Yize!

It’s really him!