Chapter 20: Cohabiting With The Nation’s Idol! (2)

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An Xiaxia was still singing and dancing when she turned her head and saw the three tall figures standing in the doorway. It was as if they were keeping out all of the light, and they looked like gods that had descended from heaven!

Bang – An Xiaxia ran into the counter. The expression on her face could almost be described as horror.

“Oh my god! Why do these three people look so familiar?” she thought.

“Yes, may I ask who you are…?” Papa An looked confused.

A long-haired woman in a red dress walked out from behind those three people. She wore a pair of huge sunglasses, was well made-up, and had a brisk air about her. She went up to Papa An with a smile and said, “Hello, I was the one who rented the third floor a few days ago. We’re officially moving in today. Mr. An, let’s sit down and talk through the details, shall we?”

Papa An already knew about the rental. He smiled kindly and said, “Sure, but please wait a second. Xiaxia, let the guests have a seat first. ”

An Xiaxia looked dumbly at the three boys at the door and blurted out, “Why are you at my house?”

Sheng Yize walked toward her with a charming smile and said, “An Xiaxia, didn’t I tell you before? You can never hide from me.”

An Xiaxia was shocked, and when she finally realized what was happening, she said reluctantly, “This way, please.”

While Sheng Yize followed her at an unhurried pace, Chi Yuanfeng looked at He Jiayu in surprise, lowered his voice, and asked, “Brother, did you know from the beginning that we’re moving in here?”

“No, I only guessed.” He Jiayu smiled gently and answered, “So far, I’ve been pretty lucky with my guesses.”

The four sat down on a fabric couch. An Xiaxia then brought them the beverage menu and asked sulkily, “What would you like to drink?”

There was a snicker, which made An Xiaxia look up grouchily. Sheng Yize stared at her calmly and said, “The drinks can wait, but, An Xiaxia, are you sure you don’t need to change your clothes?”

An Xiaxia hastily examined herself and realized that she was still wearing pajamas and had an unwashed face and messy hair…

Usually it wasn’t a big deal when she was like this and home alone; however, at this moment…

An Xiaxia covered her face, feeling terribly ashamed, and ran upstairs. She even stumbled on the stairs before she swiftly got to her feet. Her fleeing shadow was just like a cute little hamster.

After a while, Kang Jian took An Xiaxia’s place and brought them several cups of coffee. He glared at Sheng Yize and warned him, “Don’t ever bully Xiaxia!”

Sheng Yize took a sip of the coffee. His posture was so elegant that the noble temperament he exuded could enchant people.

“She owes me money, so get your facts straight. Besides, she didn’t even say anything herself; isn’t it ridiculous that you keep standing up for her?”

Chi Yuanfeng felt like breaking out in cold sweat as he thought, “Damn, what happened to Brother Yize? He’s even getting malicious; that’s a rare sight.”

He thought, “What kind of terrifying existence is this An Xiaxia?!”

Kang Jian ground his teeth but didn’t even have time to react, for Papa An had already cleaned his hands and had sat down with them to talk with the woman about the rental.

The woman introduced herself briefly. “Hello, I’m Lu Ke from Endless Night Entertainment. As you can see, these three people are artists from our company. We’ve decided to rent your house so that it’s convenient for them to go to school. I’ve transferred the rent into your bank account… However, we’ll need you to sign a confidentiality agreement, confirming that you will not reveal any information about them living here!”

Papa An nodded with a harmless smile and said, “I hope we’ll get along well, then. My name is An Liguo and I have a daughter and a son… oh, come here, Xiaxia, say hello to everyone.”