Chapter 200: The Confession of Love in the First Snow (9)

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The snowflakes seemed to land on the softest spots in their hearts and melt into bittersweet vapor.

Their pod had risen to the highest point of the wheel, where it was all nice and quiet. All they could hear were their thumping hearts, which were fluttering in this narrow space.

An Xiaxia was completely baffled.

Sheng Yize caressed the tips of her fingers — they were round and had a pink hue to them.

He said, “Xiaxia, you know what? Although you find me so annoying, I still like you very much.

“I must have lost my mind to have fallen in love with you.

“Since you got me into this, you have to stop running away from me. Don’t you know my feelings better than anyone else?”

At that moment, the earth seemed to stop turning and her heart skipped a beat.

As their pod made its way down as slow as a snail, An Xiaxia felt her heart rate pick up.

She could hear her shaky voice. “Sheng Yize, are you confessing your love for me?”

“Otherwise? Do you think I’m here to chitchat?” Sheng Yize was smiling, and the mole under his eye seemed all the more alluring with that smile.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded. She didn’t even react when Sheng Yize kissed her on the lips.

When Xiao Yan tried to kiss her, her first reaction had been to run.

When she couldn’t do that, she had been about to disgust the guy by spitting at him.

However, at Sheng Yize’s kiss, her brain seemed to stop working. Everything had gone blank and there was nothing in her heart or head apart from him.

It was all him.

Only him.

The guy that had kissed her and innocently announced that his body was hers to take.

The guy that could be overbearing, a tsundere, an angel, or a devil.

His tongue slipped in between her teeth and tangled with her own. All that was left were the occasional wet sounds their lips made.

The snow was still drifting down outside and the view was spectacular.

The romantic and cozy atmosphere was ruined by An Xiaxia’s wailing —

“Sheng Yize… I– I’m dying…”

The teenager absorbed in the kiss frowned at this and let go of her right away, asking hastily, “What’s wrong? Are you not feeling well?”

He was completely defeated by An Xiaxia’s reply —

“I can’t breathe… Is the air thinner up here?” An Xiaxia asked, puckering up her face.

Sheng Yize glanced helplessly at the window. Hm, he could probably open it. Could he throw the woman out now?

An Xiaxia grumbled and breathed deeply. It took awhile for her to recover from her flushed cheeks.

Watching her clumsy moves, Sheng Yize suddenly realized something.

An Xiaxia… didn’t know how to breathe while kissing!

He didn’t know whether to cry or laugh at that knowledge.

He sighed and didn’t know what to say. Not only did he confess his love on impulse just then, he had also kissed her. Would the little thing bristle again?

However, An Xiaxia suddenly reached out with her wicked little paw and gave his handsome face a nice, hard pinch.

Ssss —

Sheng Yize didn’t let the pain show despite how it hurt. He only frowned to express his discontent.

“Does it hurt?” An Xiaxia eagerly moved closer and saw that his cheek had gone red from her pinch!

“Do you want to try it yourself?” Sheng Yize sneered.

An Xiaxia immediately jabbed the tips of her index fingers together, acting all innocent. “I just wanted to see if I was dreaming…”

“Oh? So what would you do if it was a dream? And what if it was real?” Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow.

An Xiaxia fell silent. She then bit her lip and the pain made her little face pucker up.

It had been a painful kiss…

“I would’ve told myself a dog had bitten me if it was a dream…” Sheng Yize’s face darkened at those words right away!

Damn it. Did she just call him a dog?!