Chapter 201: The Confession of Love in the First Snow (10)

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Sensing Sheng Yize’s murderous look, An Xiaxia shielded her head with her heads, fearing his incoming knock on the head.

“Go on,” he said sternly.

An Xiaxia gave it some thought and said with teary eyes, “Sheng Yize, are you nuts?”

Sheng Yize’s face was now as dark as Darth Vader’s mask.

“What got into your head to make you like me? Look, I have all these flaws and you call me a dummy all the time. But now you’re saying you like me. Are you nuts or what?” said An Xiaxia earnestly.

Sheng Yize knocked the window with his slender fingers and began to wonder whether to throw her out head first or feet first.

“I… I’ll take it all as a joke. You were outrageous, but I’m a generous person and I’ve decided to forgive you! But please… please don’t do it again.” An Xiaxia lowered her eyelids after those words.

Her long lashes quivered and each flutter seemed to tickle his heart, which was the most unbearable sensation.

Sheng Yize felt like murdering someone in that instant.

His confession of love had just been treated as a joke!

And she talked about forgiving him? Since when did he need her pity?!

“An Xiaxia, stop beating around the bush already. How long do you want to tease me for?” Sheng Yize squeezed out his words one at a time, as if he was ready to chop someone up in the next second.

An Xiaxia was terrified, but had to summon up her courage to explain, “I didn’t… it was all in your head.”

All in his head? In his head!

The hell with all in his head!

Sheng Yize had never felt this frustrated before in his life.

Running out of what little patience he had, he forced An Xiaxia’s chin up and looked at her coldly. “You run away after messing with my feelings and act all innocent when you’ve stirred my heart. An Xiaxia, that’s not how you play the game.”

Shocked, An Xiaxia opened her pretty eyes wide and stared at Sheng Yize in disbelief.

This was the first time she had ever seen him furious. The look in his eyes was threatening to destroy everything in this world. It was so terrifying!

“I… I…” She only stammered more as she became more nervous and had no idea what to do.

There was no warmth in Sheng Yize’s eyes. “All I need to know is: do you like me or not?”

Despite his fierce look, his heart felt as if it was being stabbed by needles.

All would be well if she liked him.

If not… well, what else could he do but make her like him back?

He couldn’t even lay a finger on her, let alone throw her out the window. How could he even bear that thought?

However, An Xiaxia was completely baffled. She gave an ambiguous answer after much consideration. “I can’t say I like you… but I don’t dislike you, either… um, I guess, probably, maybe…”

Gosh, she really didn’t know!

As someone hopeless with feelings, with zero experience in relationships, a low EQ and a slow-witted brain, that question was too difficult for her to answer!

Even when it came to Rong Che, despite all her daily declarations of love, that was in fact no more than idol worship.

She could tell what her feelings toward Kang Jian, Xiao Yan, and Qi Yanxi were.

But she really couldn’t tell when it came to Sheng Yize.

And she was too afraid to tell.

Clank —

Their pod came back to ground level.

Still fuming, Sheng Yize got off first with a conflicted An Xiaxia following behind.

Outside, the chatter from a couple rang out. “Hey, did you know that a couple kissing at the top of the Ferris wheel will be together forever?”

Instantly, An Xiaxia felt the air emanating from the teenager beside her turn colder.