Chapter 202: He Even Picks On His Girlfriend (1)

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“Hoho…” An Xiaxia forced out a smile. Turning around, she saw that Sheng Yize had put his cap and mask back on and the air around him said that he would kill anyone who dared come near.

She quietly pulled the hood of her coat over her head and followed Sheng Yize with her head down.

Sheng Yize was thinking up a thousand ways to make her suffer. Two little figures seemed to have popped up in his head, one coming up with nothing but wicked ideas and gloating about carrying them out, while the other condemned the first one justly, asking him to treat An Xiaxia nicely.

As the two little men argued back and forth, he also grew agitated. All of a sudden, he stopped walking.

An Xiaxia stopped as well.

The teenager turned around and bellowed, “You don’t like me, so why are you following me?!”

An Xiaxia sounded pitiful. “I… I’m lost…”

Sheng Yize didn’t know what to say to that.

This amusement park was the largest in Yu City and An Xiaxia had zero sense of direction. After turning this way and that all this time, she had long become disoriented.

Sheng Yize looked around and saw the haunted house nearby. His childish temper got the better of him. “Go through that and it’ll take you out of the park.”

He knew perfectly well how squeamish An Xiaxia was.

He simply wanted to give her a hard time.

At that moment, the evil little man defeated the kind one and to An Xiaxia, Sheng Yize had just turned into a monster.

A monster that was quiet but wicked!

“What? Too afraid? Don’t follow me around and find your own way out, then. It’s not my job to guide an idiot,” said Sheng Yize coolly. Even some passers-by began to look at him strangely now.

An Xiaxia nibbed on her fingers and nodded without putting up a fight.

She was a teenage girl who believed in science! In material things! She wasn’t going to be frightened by those things!

There was nothing inside but props and hired performers! They wouldn’t scare her!

An Xiaxia cheered herself up, clenched her little fists, and entered the haunted house as if she was walking to her doom.

Sheng Yize leaned on the wall nearby and a concerned look flashed across his face before he fought it back down.

Inside the haunted house.

An Xiaxia regretted it the moment she stepped inside. However, a gust of cold wind blew from behind and for some reason, the door snapped shut.

It was pitch dark inside. She couldn’t even see her fingers in front of her face.

An Xiaxia felt her heart race. Then, a few dim lights lit up on the wall and the ceiling.

“Aaaah —” An Xiaxia couldn’t help but scream, which scared the wits out of a female “ghost” dressed in white who was hiding in the shadows and had been about to jump An Xiaxia.

Shit. She had seen a lot of squeamish customers, but not this squeamish!

Speechless, she felt around on a shelf nearby and finally chose a prop — a bloody severed arm.

Of course, the arm was made of rubber and the blood was red paint.

She tossed it expertly at An Xiaxia’s feet. An Xiaxia had a look and screamed again. This time she was on the verge of crying.

Oh god… what was that…

After the female “ghost,” a headless doctor in a white gown also played the part and threw out a few feet and human heads. An Xiaxia broke down completely. Her crying was so heart-wrenching that all the haunted house staff was astonished.

“Hey, this won’t do. Will we give her PTSD if she goes on like this?” asked the white-clad female ghost, who was concerned with professional ethics.

“You have a point…” The headless doctor nodded.

“Shall we comfort her a little?” a long-haired zombie chimed in from a distance.

Shortly afterwards, all the performers inside the haunted house walked out and circled An Xiaxia to comfort her.

Seeing “ghosts” of all shapes and sizes moving toward her, An Xiaxia couldn’t stand it anymore. She screamed for help. “Sheng Yize! Help! Sob …”