Chapter 203: He Even Picks On His Girlfriend (2)

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Outside, Sheng Yize could no longer contain himself. Kicking the door open, he was infuriated at what he saw.

“Why, one ghost at a time is not enough, you have to come out in full force now? Be professional, will you?” Sheng Yize’s sharp tongue put the “ghosts” to shame right away.

Wait a minute… they were only doing it to comfort the girl, alright?!

An Xiaxia was crying her eyes out on the ground. Seeing light pour in from behind, she turned around and saw Sheng Yize enter the haunted house as if he had just descended from heaven. He stood there tall and ramrod straight, looking almost too handsome to be real.

She scrambled toward him on all fours while sobbing, “Sheng Yize… help me… I – I want to go home…”

Sheng Yize was so sorry to find her in this state that he strode over and picked her up. He then glanced around at the room full of “ghosts” with a look that chilled them to the bone.

With his cap and mask on, they couldn’t make out his face. However, the air he was giving off was so frightening!

God! They needed an extra chicken drumstick in each of their packed lunch today! A scary customer like this wasn’t in the job description!

An Xiaxia wrapped her arms around Sheng Yize’s shoulders like a kangaroo and couldn’t stop crying.

Sheng Yize carried her out of the amusement park with large strides and got into his car.

He was going to comfort her, but couldn’t bring himself to do it at the thought of his failed confession of love. Instead, he tossed a box of tissues at her and said in a not-very-gentle voice, “Wipe your tears.”

This attitude only made An Xiaxia feel more wronged.

She was already a squeamish girl and he had sent her into a haunted house!

She had almost been scared to death by the grotesque props and the hideous ghosts!

That bastard!

” Sob …” Holding the box of tissues, An Xiaxia cried even louder.

Sheng Yize’s fine eyebrows furrowed again and the driver stole apprehensive glances at them through the rearview mirror. Sheng Yize groaned with agitation. “Get out!”

The driver scrambled out of the car right away.

An Xiaxia thought he was talking to her and turned to Sheng Yize with teary eyes, reminding him of a wronged little wife.

The look on her face softened his heart and he said in a milder tone, “There, there, don’t cry. Nothing in the haunted house was real. You’re only scaring yourself.”

An Xiaxia whimpered. ” Sob …”

“What are you saying?” Sheng Yize thought he had heard something, but couldn’t tell from her broken sobs.

He reluctantly moved closer, but his face darkened right away.

” Sob … bastard… sob , you bullied me and chased me away… you big, big bully… I’m cursing you…”

“You dare curse me?” Sheng Yize gritted his teeth and was going to flare up when An Xiaxia sensed this and raised her voice, crying at the top of her lungs.

The driver sighed outside. “Tsk, tsk. The young master is so… even bullying his own girlfriend…”

“Keep crying and I’m throwing you out!” threatened Sheng Yize.

“Sheng Yize, you said you liked me. You’re such a liar! How can anyone bully a girl they like? You’re a bully! A bully! A bully!” An Xiaxia wiped her tears with the tissue and her words drove Sheng Yize crazy. He took a deep breath and said, “Fine, I’m not bullying you anymore. You can stay here. I’m leaving!”

With that, he opened the door and instructed the driver, “Take her back home.”

“Um, Young Master, are you not going back with Miss An?”

Sheng Yize smirked. “I don’t want to go with her.”

The driver’s palms were sweating. It probably wasn’t a question of “want to” or not; the young master simply didn’t know what to do with Miss An…