Chapter 204: Xiaxia the Drunkard (1)

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An Xiaxia returned home with red-rimmed eyes and the entire family reached the conclusion that it was the result of a bad date.

Papa An quietly made a cup of milk tea for his baby girl and An Yibei didn’t ridicule her, which was very rare. He even cleared his throat and showered An Xiaxia with chicken soup for the soul. “Xiaxia, don’t let it get to you. You’re still young and nicer guys will show up in the future. Forget about the scumbag now. Work hard and after you get into university, countless cute young men will be waiting for you there! The bastards that don’t cherish you can go to hell!”

Sheng Yize had just got back in a taxi and was climbing the stairs when he heard this. He almost tripped and fell.

Was there any love in this world at all?!

An Xiaxia asked innocently, “Brother, what happened to not getting involved with boys too early?”

An Yibei really took her reaction for rejection and sighed. “Don’t worry about it. Everyone has their share of shitty lovers when they’re young. Xiaxia, I’m not going to blame you for this. There, go wash your face and have a nice, long rest…” He rubbed An Xiaxia’s hair like a true loving brother, but then recalled that the lazy girl hadn’t washed her hair for two days. He retrieved his hand as if nothing had happened and calmly wiped it with a wet paper towel.

An Xiaxia was hurt. “I haven’t washed my hair for two days, so what? You’re my big brother! Can you make that distaste on your face any more obvious?”

“Good Xiaxia, your big brother loves you,” An Yibei cajoled insincerely without even batting an eye.

“If you love me, give me pocket money!” An Xiaxia opened up her fair palm in front of An Yibei.

An Yibei darted a look at her, took out his wallet without a word, and drew out a few hundred-yuan notes for An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia was not happy at all with the pocket money.

“So, your love for me is… no more than 500 yuan…” An Xiaxia sounded hurt.

An Yibei said unhurriedly, “Oh, it’s a fifty percent discount, that’s my devoted love for you~”

He took his coffee and went back to his room with a smile on his face.

An Xiaxia counted with her fingers and felt like crying.

She headed back to her room and ran into Sheng Yize, who was going upstairs.

Their eyes met, but no words would come.

Sheng Yize didn’t look too good, either.

No matter how much he liked An Xiaxia, he still had his pride.

The self-respect and sensibility of a man was telling him that since An Xiaxia didn’t like him, there was no point forcing her.

This little fool! He was going to give her the silent treatment!


Sheng Yize had yet to realize how childish and tsundere his idea was. An Xiaxia pursed her lips as well, looking equally disgruntled.

The two turned their backs on each other. As An Xiaxia returned to her room, Sheng Yize headed upstairs.

All of a sudden, the lights in the house gave a few flashes and then went out altogether.

Still not recovered from the haunted house, An Xiaxia shrieked, thinking that their house was haunted, too.

A pair of long arms wrapped around her involuntarily.

Thud —

He didn’t even move away when the milk tea splashed onto his clothes.

An Xiaxia asked nervously, “Sheng Yize… do we have ghosts in the house?”

Sheng Yize snorted with distaste. “The power just ran out, you little chicken!”

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. She had always been afraid of the dark. However, wrapped in Sheng Yize’s arms, she felt safer than she had ever been.

He was much taller and An Xiaxia’s cheek was pressed right against his chest.

His strong and distinctive heartbeat rang in her ears.

An Xiaxia felt her cheeks get hotter.

“Um… Sheng Yize…”

“Hm? Do you have something to say to me?” In the dark, his tone had softened as well.