Chapter 205: Xiaxia the Drunkard (2)

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“Sorry about the stain on your clothes…” An Xiaxia apologized gingerly.

Sheng Yize was silent for a brief moment before he replied quietly.

He shouldn’t have expected anything.

The lights went off. Her first reaction was that the house was haunted while his was to protect her.

Falling for a dummy turned out to be such a torturous experience.

An Xiaxia was going to say something else when Sheng Yize pushed her away suddenly. She swayed and almost fell down.

A bright flashlight illuminated them and An Yibei’s voice rang out. There was concern in his usually nonchalant tone. “Xiaxia, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Seeing that his little sister was alright, An Yibei’s furrowed brow smoothed out a little.

“Why did the power suddenly go off?” asked An Xiaxia.

“There seems to be a fire somewhere nearby. The whole street has lost power,” explained An Yibei. “Dad said we’re going up to the roof to have a barbecue.”

“Hooray!” An Xiaxia forgot all about her fear at the thought of meat. She then followed An Yibei with sparkling eyes.

An Yibei darted a look at Sheng Yize in the shadows and his face turned stern.

Sheng Yize pursed his lips and didn’t say a word.

The roof of the An family home was quite spacious. Papa An had set up the barbecue and the fire, and was skillfully grilling a variety of food.

Two tables had been set up on the side, with meat and vegetables on one and candles and flashlights on the other. The cozy look on the roof brought warmth to this early winter night.

An Xiaxia was drooling and kept her unblinking gaze on the meat. Sheng Yize couldn’t help but sigh at her adorkable face.

Papa An soon finished grilling a plate of food and served it, which was eaten up right away.

With nothing better to do, Chi Yuanfeng went downstairs with a flashlight and came back with a guitar, offering to perform for them.

He sat down properly, plucked the strings, and a cheerful tune flowed from his fingertips.

The others clapped along with the rhythm while he performed.

After a few songs, Chi Yuanfeng egged He Jiayu on. He Jiayu tried to decline but failed and had to pick up the guitar and sing a well-known love song by Starry Night.

An Xiaxia took out her phone and recorded He Jiayu’s performance.

She was going to show this to Su Xiaomo and the latter would have to buy her lunch, hoho~

The love song was all the more affectionate when He Jiayu sang it in his gentle voice. When he finished, even An Yibei — who was always picky and sharp-tongued — applauded him.

“Bother Yize, it’s your turn!” shouted Chi Yuanfeng.

Sheng Yize frowned and was going to refuse when An Xiaxia’s melodious voice rang out. “Come on! Come on!”

He darted her a look, smiled a little, and took over the guitar.

After a nice prelude, he cleared his throat and began to sing.

An Xiaxia was stunned as soon as he opened his mouth.

It was beautiful. Unexpectedly beautiful.

He was singing a slow and gentle English song which An Xiaxia didn’t quite understand. She only knew it sounded really nice.

However, she soon realized something wasn’t right.

Why had everyone turned toward her?

“Do I have something on my face?” An Xiaxia whispered to He Jiayu, who sat the closest to her.

He Jiayu was taking by surprise, then broke into laughter.

An Yibei snorted in disdain, while Chi Yuanfeng began to protest.

Even Papa An was smiling knowingly at her.

Sheng Yize kept his gaze on her. Despite the dark sky and the dim light, his eyes were as resplendent as the stars.


An Xiaxia was driven crazy. What on earth was Sheng Yize singing?!