Chapter 207: Xiaxia the Drunkard (4)

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It wasn’t like she would get pregnant if she admitted it.

An Xiaxia weighed the idea in her head. There were only two chicken wings on the table and Sheng Yize had taken them both.

Aww, she really wanted them!

However, why did she feel something wasn’t right with that answer?

Would she be saying “I do” to the chicken wing or Sheng Yize…

It dawned on An Xiaxia then.

Holy crap! That bastard almost got her again!

Sheng Yize was swindling her on purpose!

“Nope, I don’t like chicken wings at all!”An Xiaxia said righteously, but inside, she waved goodbye to her meat with teary eyes.

Sheng Yize was surprised a little, then smiled and said matter-of-factly, “I wasn’t going to give them to you in the first place. Little dummy, stop thinking so highly of yourself.”

An Xiaxia was fuming. Was this the same guy that had confessed his love for her this morning? How did he change from a romantic protagonist into a vicious queen?

She watched as Sheng Yize went to Papa An to learn how to grill meat. With his graceful movements, the handsome teenager looked so dashing.

Sitting in her chair and smelling the aroma, An Xiaxia only felt hungrier.

Halfway through, the guys began to drink rice wine which had been a gift from An Yibei’s friend. It was mellow and tasty and even An Xiaxia stole a few sips.

The appetizing grill, the warm rice wine, and Starry Night’s singing made for a perfect night.

An Xiaxia kept drinking. When Sheng Yize came back with several plates of food, she was already bleary-eyed and was capable of nothing but smiling sweetly.

Only that the smile looked a little foolish.

Sheng Yize sighed and put down the grilled chicken wings in front of An Xiaxia, acting as if he had done it accidentally.

An Xiaxia sneakily picked it up and bit into it quickly, as if Sheng Yize was going to snatch it away at any moment.

Sheng Yize shook his head: that little fool.

They had in fact been grilled for her to begin with.

“Xiaxia, you’ve had enough!” An Yibei realized she had drunk too much and stopped her hastily.

An Xiaxia: “Hoho… hohoho…”

Sheng Yize smacked his forehead. The girl was really drunk.

“It’s just rice wine and not that strong. Just put Xiaxia to bed,” said He Jiayu.

An Yibei rubbed his temples in resignation. He had taken off his glasses, revealing his nice, long eyelashes.

“This girl is really… It’s not about how strong the wine is. She’s incorrigible when she’s drunk!”

“Huh?” The others were baffled. However, they soon learned how incorrigible she could be…

An Xiaxia ran up to He Jiayu and tugged at his sleeve. In her lighthearted and soft voice, she buttered him up. “Xiaxia wants a hug~”

Even someone as level-headed as He Jiayu was shocked.

An Xiaxia was displeased and ordered him in her cute voice again, “Hug, gimme a hug~ Hug me now~”

Her adorable demanding gesture was irresistible. He Jiayu felt cold sweat creep down his forehead as he darted a look at Sheng Yize.

The look on Sheng Yize’s face was indescribable.

He Jiayu felt it inappropriate to follow this order. But on second thought, he thought he could alarm Sheng Yize a little with a hug. It would remind him to cherish An Xiaxia more and stop walking around with a poker face.

Hence, He Jiayu gave An Xiaxia a hug like a decent gentleman.

An Xiaxia giggled at him before running to An Yibei. “Xiaxia wants to hold hands~ hold hands~”

An Yibei pursed his lips and shook her hand with a distasteful look.

Sheng Yize began to grind his teeth.

An Xiaxia then stumbled to Chi Yuanfeng and pouted. “Xiaxia wants a kiss~ a kiss kiss~”

Sheng Yize couldn’t sit still anymore!