Chapter 208: Xiaxia the Drunkard (5)

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Chi Yuanfeng rubbed his head as his handsome face reddened. He must have been a philanthropist in his last life to have something this wonderful happen to him now.

He covered his cheeks shyly. “I don’t think that’s appropriate.”

“I don’t care, kiss kiss~” An Xiaxia shook his arm.

This lovely girl was asking for a kiss. Chi Yuanfeng had drunk a lot himself, which was enough for him to forget that Xiaxia was someone Sheng Yize liked as well. He summoned up his courage and lowered his lips to An Xiaxia’s cheek…

He was less than a centimeter from An Xiaxia’s face when two strong hands grabbed him from behind and yanked him backward.

Surprised, Chi Yuanfeng lost his balance and fell right off the chair.

“You little bastard. How dare you kiss my sister!” An Yibei said in his cold voice, then dragged Chi Yuanfeng to a corner to teach him a lesson.

Sheng Yize clapped his hands to dust off the nonexistent dirt, then glared at An Xiaxia with a dark face.

“Teehee, kiss kiss…” An Xiaxia pounced on him, all simple and innocent.

Sheng Yize blushed and stopped An Xiaxia in time. He restrained her by her wrists and said with a straight face, “That’s enough. I’m taking you back to bed.”

“No, Xiaxia still needs kiss kiss…” An Xiaxia hopped around with her short legs and looked very reluctant.

Papa An heaved a heavy sigh and explained that Xiaxia’s little “hobby” was a result of a childhood indulgence. A colleague visiting the An family fed An Xiaxia some wine once and told her she could trade candy with a hug and a kiss.

The innocent An Xiaxia played the game for a long time and got a whole bag of toffee. As a result, she picked up this little vice of playing the adorable kid after getting drunk.

“Monsters will come and eat you if you don’t go to bed now!” Sheng Yize tried to trick her. However, An Xiaxia actually gave it serious thought before asking, “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Sheng Yize nodded. He then squatted down in front of An Xiaxia and said in a low voice, “Hop up on my back. I’ll carry you down.”

“All right…” An Xiaxia leaned over his shoulders and held the flashlight obediently.

When they reached the stairs, An Xiaxia held his neck tightly and whimpered, “Sob … It’s too dark there. I don’t want to go down there…”

Sheng Yize thought she was only being grumpy and tried to calm her down with a few comforting words.

However, something hot then fell on his neck.

He froze on the spot.

Tears dropped down and his shoulder was soon wet.

Sheng Yize was a little flustered and tried to console her. “Xiaxia, don’t cry. I’m here with you.”

” Sob … I’m scared…” An Xiaxia was crying at the top of her voice. She then burped loudly and said, “I need to hide… I’ll hide somewhere…”

She then tried to jump off his back. Sheng Yize feared that she might fall down the stairs and didn’t let that happen.

He quickened his steps and carried An Xiaxia to her own room.

There was a small lamp on her bedside, which Sheng Yize tried. Luckily, it ran on batteries and was still working.

He put An Xiaxia down on her bed, but An Xiaxia wouldn’t let go of his neck. He was thus dragged down and fell on top of An Xiaxia.

“Xiaxia…” He said her name helplessly, then gritted his teeth and moved away from her.

Before she figured out what it was between them, he didn’t want to assume anything and take advantage of her current state.

“Still need a kiss kiss…” An Xiaxia’s soft nasal voice almost broke Sheng Yize in that instant.

While he stayed frozen in place, An Xiaxia pouted her pink lips at him…