Chapter 209: Xiaxia the Drunkard (6)

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Sheng Yize felt his throat tighten and his cheeks heat up.

He had indeed kissed her before, but he had always been the one to take the initiative. Now that An Xiaxia was making the move herself, he was at a loss what to do.

He hesitated a little and still felt too shy to do it. He then pecked An Xiaxia’s cheek and said in a low voice, “There.”

An Xiaxia grumbled, as if she wasn’t content with the kiss. Sheng Yize was going to listen more closely to what she was saying when An Xiaxia kissed him on his mouth.

In that instant, Sheng Yize thought his heart was going to jump out of his throat!

Did An Xiaxia just kiss him voluntarily?!

An Xiaxia roughly rubbed her lips against his for a while before she was content with the kiss and let go of him. She then chuckled with a dreamy expression on her face.

The skin behind Sheng Yize’s ears was burning as he pushed An Xiaxia away. He left the room promptly after tucking her in.

As someone who was able to maintain a poker face on almost any occasion, Sheng Yize was swaying now.

He had fled in such a hurry that he had left the flashlight in her room. When he walked out into the dark corridor, there was a thud from inside the room, followed by a rustling sound.

He frowned, pushed the door open, and went back in.

The little lamp was still on. However, he glanced at the bed and saw that it was empty!

Sheng Yize turned pale and thought An Xiaxia had had some sort of accident. He then heard intermittent noises coming out of the closet.

He picked up the flashlight and walked toward it.

Pulling the closet door open, he shone the flashlight into it and saw that An Xiaxia had huddled up in a corner and was squirming around like a little hamster while murmuring, “I’ll hide here… I’ll be fine hiding here. Xiaxia is brave. Nothing scares Xiaxia…”

Somehow, Sheng Yize felt his heart lurch at those words and tears welled up in his eyes.

An Xiaxia buried her face in the duvet at the bottom of the closet and fell asleep. However, she began to cry in her dream a few minutes later. “Don’t hit Xiaxia. Xiaxia will be a good girl…”

Her tiny soft voice resonated in the room and Sheng Yize’s fingers were shaking so violently that he could barely hold the flashlight.

What did you go through all these years?

Shouldn’t you have lived a happy and peaceful life as you wished?

Why are you hiding and crying like this after drunk?

Was it just a bad dream or… Have those nightmares actually happened to you before?

“Xiaxia…” He called her name quietly and wanted to take her out of the closet. The light above his head flashed twice then and the room lit up.

The power was back on.

He paused at this, but was acutely aware of someone outside.

Turning his head, he saw An Yibei at the door with a livid face. He had been standing there in the dark, and even with the light back on, his tall figure only looked more gloomy.

“Get out,” An Yibei ordered in a cold voice.

Sheng Yize didn’t move. His face looked as cold as a frosty winter day.

An Yibei grew agitated at this. He adjusted his glasses, went up to Sheng Yize, and punched the latter hard in the face!


Sheng Yize stumbled and smiled mockingly after steadying himself. “Do I sense shame in that anger of yours?”

An Yibei breathed heavily, as if a long-hidden secret had just been exposed. He was boiling with rage. “You’re up to something and don’t for one minute think you can hide it from me! Sheng Yize, you investigated Xiaxia before moving in, didn’t you?”

Sheng Yize’s voice turned colder as he pressed, “If one of us has to explain, you should be the one telling me exactly what happened to her!”