Chapter 21: A Scheming Devil’s Contract (1)

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An Xiaxia had put on a sailor-style dress and was hiding on the landing as she peeped at the scene downstairs. She almost fell down the stairs when she heard her dad’s call.

Destiny had to be making fun of her… she was already in hell because of this fiend; never had she thought that he would move into her house!

She walked down the stairs with a gloomy face. Sheng Yize raised an eyebrow slightly and reached out to shake her hand. “I’m Sheng Yize.”

An Xiaxia stretched out her tiny paw reluctantly. “An Xiaxia.”

They shook hands, pretending to be friendly.

Chi Yuanfeng came up just like a little puppy and wanted to shake An Xiaxia’s hand as well, but was interrupted by Sheng Yize halfway.

His pretty face looked disconsolate. Sheng Yize didn’t even allow a handshake; wasn’t he being way too protective?

He Jiayu just nodded at An Xiaxia, which could count as a greeting.

“Xiaxia, would you take them upstairs?” Papa An instructed.

An Xiaxia nodded and took those three people upstairs, feeling frustrated.

“How is this happening?” she thought with a worried frown, while Sheng Yize urged her on from behind. “Short Legs Xia, can you walk faster?”

An Xiaxia hated it when people called her short. She turned around right away and was going to retort. However, as soon as she saw Sheng Yize’s long legs, she turned back with tears in her eyes.

Never mind, I won’t haggle over such matters with a devil! Hmph!

The third floor was spacious. There were four to five empty rooms, as well as a soundproof room that could be used as a music practice room for Starry Night.

An Xiaxia tugged at the lower hem of her dress and said, “You can pick your rooms now. I’m going downstairs.”

She lowered her head and was going to leave when she was gripped tightly by her wrist.

“An Xiaxia, why are you running away?” Sheng Yize asked quizzically.

An Xiaxia bit her lip and said, “I… I’m going downstairs.”

“But you haven’t paid me back the money,” Sheng Yize replied unhurriedly.

An Xiaxia looked at him piteously and said, “I’m going to talk to my dad and… let him pay you back.”

Daddy, I’m sorry, I’ll work hard after I graduate and earn a lot of money to pay you back! In her mind, An Xiaxia cried for the vast sums she would have to pay in the future.

“Heh, don’t you want to listen to the second option I have for you?”

An Xiaxi looked up and watched him intently without blinking her eyes.

Sheng Yize felt a bit uncomfortable and gave a little cough. He looked away slightly and said, “Since you’re so dumb, I won’t keep you guessing. You can pay me back or work as my assistant. How does that sound?”

“Assistant?” An Xiaxia tilted her head curiously as she thought, “That doesn’t sound bad.”

“Yes… Sis Ke is my agent, but she can’t follow me the whole time while I’m at school. After all, I’m a celebrity and I can’t always do things by myself, right? So, you’ll be my assistant and help me run errands or protect me from fans, among other things…” Sheng Yize’s voice was so attractive it was like magic.

What he said delighted An Xiaxia and she asked, “Really? Is that all? There’s nothing kinky involved, is there?”

“Of course not. Do I look like that kind of person?” Sheng Yize’s expression was very innocent.

Not far away, Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu, who were picking their rooms, broke out in cold sweat and thought, “How can such a shameless person exist in this world… Sigh , that poor bunny little Xiaxia, she’ll never escape from this scheming wolf.”

An Xiaxia seemed to be persuaded and Sheng Yize went on. “However, the salary of an assistant isn’t high, so you might need to do it for a long time…”

“But this way I don’t need to pay you back the money, right?!” An Xiaxia was jubilant at the idea and she replied without even thinking, “Deal!”