Chapter 211: Who On Earth Did She Kiss? (2)

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“I’m happy to see that you like her, because now there is one more person in this world that sincerely cares about her.” An Yibei’s voice was much gentler now. “I won’t deny that Xiaxia is lucky to have you, but it’s a tragedy for Xiaxia at the same time. You saw what happened last time. A mere photo of a kiss caused so much dispute online. What then? Let’s say you really become a couple. Go public and An Xiaxia will be attacked. Stay in hiding… ha, would you really make Xiaxia your secret lover?”

The look in Sheng Yize’s eyes was indescribable.

“When you really like someone, you don’t want and won’t let her get hurt. If you liking her only brings her trouble, as her older brother, it’s my responsibility to protect her.” An Yibei adjusted his glasses. “Sorry about hitting you just then.”

An Yibei had always been a level-headed man. Now that his head was clear again, he could treat Sheng Yize in a befitting manner.

Sheng Yize pursed his lips. “I see.”

“Good.” An Yibei nodded.

“If I can like Xiaxia in a way that won’t hurt her, would you stop objecting, then?” Sheng Yize’s eyes shone with confidence.

An Yibei didn’t know how to reply to that.

Damn it. He had just jumped into the trap he had dug himself!

This little bastard!

“Hmph! We’ll see if you can actually do that! My objections aside, I might even beat you senseless!”

Sheng Yize replied in a serious tone, “I will gladly take them if a few punches can get me your little sister.”

An Yibei: Gladly my ass!

The next day.

An Xiaxia got out of bed and washed up. In addition to a headache, she had sore muscles all over.

She walked out of her room with a big yawn and found everyone already at the table eating breakfast.

“What happened last night? Brother, did you beat me up when I was drunk?”

An Yibei snorted. “As your big brother, it’s my duty to care for the mentally challenged. I’m not that amoral that I would beat you up, thanks.”

An Xiaxia almost choked. “Would it kill you to stop humiliating me for a single day?! And who are you calling mentally challenged? You bastard!”

An Yibei acted as if he had heard nothing.

An Xiaxia had no choice but to ask He Jiayu, who was the mildest of them all. “Did anything happen after I got drunk last night?”

He Jiayu was a little embarrassed when he recalled that hug last night. He cleared his throat and said, “It was nothing, really… Xiaxia, can you not remember anything at all?”

An Xiaxia puckered up her face and shook her head. Something then dawned on her and she asked in a petrified voice, “I didn’t… ask for hugs and kisses again, did I?”

Pfft —

Now everyone around the table couldn’t stay calm anymore.

“So you do remember,” said He Jiayu, looking surprised.

Chi Yuanfeng’s mouth fell open while Sheng Yize… secretly blushed.

“Who did I kiss? Aah! Why didn’t you stop me?!” An Xiaxia thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown as she looked around the table.

“Dad, was it you?”

Papa An shook his head mildly. “How could it be? With so many handsome young men here, I’m the last person you would choose.”

Shocked by how open-minded Papa An was, An Xiaxia turned to An Yibei and smiled obsequiously. “My dear brother, it must have been you, then!”

Don’t panic. Don’t panic. It’s not a big deal kissing your own brother~

However, An Yibei’s reply shattered all her hopes.

“It wasn’t me, you dummy.”

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

Who on earth did she kiss, then?