Chapter 213: What A Fine White Lotus (1)

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In the end, An Xiaxia still got into the car of a certain scheming fellow.

But she felt hurt.

Once she got in, she followed the instructions of Miser Sheng and massaged his legs and shoulders, among doing other tasks. Luckily, Uncle Driver brought them to the school soon enough.

An Xiaxia was sure that if the journey had lasted longer, Sheng Yize would have made her clean his ears or clip his fingernails for him!

Bah! That shameless bastard!

Because she was afraid that other people might see them together, An Xiaxia chose to get off at a quiet corner with no one else around. She waved at Sheng Yize and headed to the school.

Sheng Yize smiled the whole time as he kept his gaze on a certain body part of hers.

Abashed and fuming, An Xiaxia covered her chest with her school bag. “What are you looking at?! Haven’t you met a pretty teenage girl before? Hmph!”

“This is actually my first time seeing a pretty teenage girl with such a flat chest. I think some guys might have bigger boobs than you…” With those words, Sheng Yize instructed the driver, “Let’s go.”

Watching the car driving away, An Xiaxia gave it the finger!

That bastard! How dare he laugh at her!

Although what he said wasn’t really wrong… But it wasn’t his place to say it out loud!

She arrived at the school gate, still lost for words. However, the place was jam packed with a huge crowd and she could even make out some reporters.

An Xiaxia was astonished. It had been like this in the first few days after Starry Night became Qixia students, but hadn’t they all gotten used to their presence already? What were they doing here today?

She tried with all her might to make her way in. However, she realized a while later that she was being pushed even further away from the school gate…

An Xiaxia almost wanted to cry. She was only trying to get to her classroom! Be reasonable, people!

Amidst all the chaos, she spotted Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian and waved at them. The trio then managed to get together after much struggling.

“What’s going on? Why are there as many fanboys as fangirls? They’re not after a bromance with Starry Night, are they?” An Xiaxia remarked sarcastically.

Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian were also at a loss. “Who knows. We’ve been here ten minutes and we still can’t make our way in!”

Gosh! Just imagine that scene!

“And the reporters are here… is another star transferring to our school?” An Xiaxia was frustrated.

A boy nearby heard her and turned around excitedly to share the gossip. “Hey, that’s right! There’s really another star here! Do you know who Li Fanxing is? Li Fanxing! The goddess of otaku! Don’t you yokels ever read the entertainment news?”

An Xiaxia was hurt at being called a “yokel.” Su Xiaomo flared up right away. She grabbed the boy by his collar and roared, “Say that again? You yokel!”

An Xiaxia stopped her hastily, fearing that she might beat the boy up.

Kang Jian the heartless fool began to cheer for Su Xiaomo. “There, Sis Mo, kick his ass. Paint the ground red!”

“Worthless Kang, you idiot…” An Xiaxia smacked her forehead. Just then, waves of shrieks began to ring out in the distance. “Aaah! Li Fanxing is here!”

The boy threw Su Xiaomo off with all his might, bellowed “My Goddess, I love you,” and dove into the crowd, as if the weakling he had been just then was a totally different person.

A fleet of luxury cars stopped where the shouting was the loudest in the crowd. A driver wearing a black suit and white gloves got out and opened the rear door. A girl wearing Qixia’s uniform got down gracefully and smiled at the crowd.

Li Fanxing, it was that Li Fanxing that used to bully An Xiaxia on the film site! She was in Qixia now!