Chapter 214: What A Fine White Lotus (2)

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Her long black hair hung loose to her waist and the only accessory she wore was an exquisite hairpin with glittering diamonds. In her school uniform and limited edition trainers, she was dressed the same way as every other regular student, but was demonstrating how uncommon she was in the small details.

The Li family also owned a leading company in the country and were doing well in the financial and internet sectors.

With her background, her popularity, and her appearance, it was only natural that everyone would fall in love with her.

“Fanxing— Fanxing—” The calls came in waves, beating at their eardrums.

An Xiaxia covered her ears and darted a general look at Li Fanxing in the distance. She decided to go back to the classroom first.

Now that the crowd had gathered around Li Fanxing, the school gate was less crowded. An Xiaxia beckoned at Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian and was going to get all of them to go in together first.

Li Fanxing was answering the reporters’ questions with a smile. Her manner was that of a well-raised intelligent young woman who was also extremely amiable.

A Porsche pulled over by the road just then and a tall teenager got out. He headed directly for the school without even glancing at the crowd.

The sharp-eyed Li Fanxing immediately darted a look at her manager. Qiqi took the hint and called out, “I’d like to thank all media friends for coming here today, but it’s almost time for school now. Could you let Fanxing go to her class now? We’ll talk more in our future press conferences, alright?”

The reporters had no objections to the request and Li Fanxing moved gracefully toward the school gate, accompanied by her bodyguards. She was just in time to catch up with Sheng Yize and made it look like a casual encounter.

The reporters exploded again. They had been solely focused on Li Fanxing and had completely missed Sheng Yize!

Had Li Fanxing transferred to Qixia for Sheng Yize? That would definitely make the headlines!

The reporters ran over again frantically and stretched out their microphones at the two.

Li Fanxing smiled with shining eyes and recited the lines that she had practiced countless times in front of the mirror. “Captain Yize, it’s been a while. Are you a student at Qixia as well? I hope… we’ll get along well.”

The handsome teenager darted an indifferent look at her.

The reporters took one picture after another in excitement. They were about to proceed with questions when they saw that the protagonist of the story had ignored her and strode off, keeping his distance from Li Fanxing.

The smile froze on Li Fanxing’s face.

The company’s plan had been for her to create a sensation today by striking up a conversation with Sheng Yize so as to improve her popularity.

She didn’t expect Sheng Yize to be so uncooperative!

An undetectable discontent flickered in her eyes. When she saw the direction Sheng Yize was headed in, she almost lost it.

Seeing Sheng Yize arrive, An Xiaxia couldn’t help but halt and dart a few looks in his direction.

She pouted a little when she saw Li Fanxing greet Sheng Yize, finding the scene an eyesore.

The two looked perfect together and would make a very cute couple…

However, Sheng Yize suddenly walked toward her and tossed something into her hand with distaste.

An Xiaxia caught it involuntarily and flushed when she saw what it was.

Her grandpa phone…

“You little fool. Do this again and I’m throwing it away!” He snorted, then raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing standing around here? Class is starting soon.”

An Xiaxia looked like she had just woken up from a dream. “Oh, right, class…”

She held Su Xiaomo’s hand and the two walked together to the classroom.

Sheng Yize smiled a little and was about to follow suit when Kang Jian stopped him.

“Brother Bei has given me instructions. From now on, you have to keep your distance from Xiaxia at school!”