Chapter 215: What A Fine White Lotus (3)

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“Oh?” Sheng Yize smiled and looked intrigued. “Are you sure you can stop me?”

Kang Jian snorted. “I won’t let you bully my Xiaxia Wifey!”

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and the smile on his face widened.

Had Kang Jian known him better, he would have realized that Sheng Yize was angry.

Very angry.

She had yet to become his girlfriend, how could she be someone else’s “wife”?

Kang Jian stumbled back at the cold air emanating from him, but he gritted his teeth stubbornly and bellowed, “Anyway, you can’t talk to Xiaxia! You’re not allowed to look at her, either… And, and… Hey! I haven’t finished yet!”

A certain fellow had walked away indifferently, leaving a very grumpy Kang Jian behind.

Behind them, Li Fanxing was the most embarrassed.

After answering another round of questions from the reporters, she entered the school surrounded by a large crowd.

A girl trotted near and held her wrist in an affectionate manner with a smile. “Sister, I’ve been waiting for you. We’ll be in the same school from now on!”

Those around them exclaimed in surprise. “Wow, Canxing, is Fanxing your older sister?”

“Of course!” Li Canxing no longer looked as cold as she did and was smiling brightly like a blossoming flower. However, on closer look, one would realize that the smile didn’t reach her eyes.

When no one was looking, she pinched Li Fanxing’s arm and lowered her voice. “Why are you here in Qixia?”

Li Fanxing snorted. “Are you saying I need to report to you before I do everything? Let go of me before I call you a bitch!”

Li Canxing ground her teeth. Her older sister got all the attention these days! Their family business had run into cash-flow problems a while ago and with the financial crisis and the internet bubble, they almost went bankrupt. Li Fanxing’s acting career had brought substantial funds to their company and her fame had attracted quite a few clients.

Li Fanxing was Father Li’s most beloved daughter now! Li Canxing burned with envy.

She was supposed to be the little daughter everyone doted on, but that scheming bitch Li Fanxing had stolen it from her!

“Canxing, we’ll help each out help from now on~ Your big sister needs to go to her classroom now.” Li Fanxing smiled and gave Li Canxing a hug, putting up a show of loving sisters in front of the crowd. She then went upstairs to the Year 3 classroom.

Li Canxing stomped her feet, disgruntled.

Year 1, Class C.

An Xiaxia went back to the classroom and realized that there were still people gossiping about her.

“Hey, I didn’t think she’d have the nerve to come back. She disgusts me!”

“Didn’t they say it was a rumor?”

“Tch, whatever. Anyone who hits on our Captain Yize is a slut!”

An Xiaxia bit her lip at those words. Sheng Yize suddenly walked past her and went up to the gossiping girls.

“Ah! Captain Yize!” A girl wearing a pink bow cried out in surprise and asked shyly, “May I help you?”

Sheng Yize glanced at her name tag and said unhurriedly, “Yan Ning, is it? I heard you like girls. That was a surprise.”

“What? Shit, Yan Ning, are you a lesbian?”

“What? Keep your hands off me!”

Yan Ning went pale and said in a flurry, “No, I’m not! How’s that possible?!”

Sheng Yize watched the change in her expression as those around her began to question her. Yan Ning was almost in tears when Sheng Yize said coldly, “Sorry, but I made it up.”

The others looked at him in confusion.

“Scandals are the most hurtful thing, especially groundless rumors. Miss Yan, remember that.”