Chapter 216: What A Fine White Lotus (4)

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He spoke in that chilly tone of his. Seeing Sheng Yize’s cold and expressionless face, the girl named Yan Ning bit her lip and was almost frightened to tears.

“S- sorry… I won’t talk like that anymore,” Yan Ning said in a humble tone, and even bowed to An Xiaxia. “We’re all fellow classmates and I shouldn’t be spreading rumors. An Xiaxia, please don’t be mad at me. We all know it’s nothing but a rumor.”

An Xiaxia watched this with her mouth open.

She looked at Sheng Yize, who had returned to his seat, looking as indifferent as ever.

Someone so exceptional and proud had just stood up for her…

She would be lying if she said she wasn’t moved.

The students of Year 1, Class C were a pretty decent lot. Apart from people like Jian Xin’er, who were still gossiping about it, the rest of the girls kept their silence and didn’t bring up the news of An Xiaxia kissing Sheng Yize again.

For deep down, most of them still refused to believe that Sheng Yize could kiss An Xiaxia. ( Boxno vel. co m )

Who would believe that such a common girl could win Captain Yize’s love?

An Xiaxia inched back to her seat and was about to say something to Sheng Yize when Kang Jian appeared out of nowhere with a marker. He quickly drew a line on the desk between their seats and gloated. “Sheng Yize, you’re a dead man if any part of your body passes this line.”

Sheng Yize pursed his lips. “Childish.”

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. “Worthless Kang, what do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m protecting you, Xiaxia Wifey!” Kang Jian said obsequiously. “Xiaxia Wifey, I’ll kick his ass if he tries to bully you again! Hmph! I know taekwondo!”

“Stop calling me your wife!” An Xiaxia roared. “And you can’t even win against Momo with your taekwondo, how can you possibly defeat Sheng Yize?”

Kang Jian lowered his head, crestfallen. “You’re right… I won’t call you that anymore, Xiaxia Wifey!”

An Xiaxia: This idiot must be doing it on purpose!

Lunch time, the canteen.

An Xiaxia went to have lunch with Su Xiaomo and Mu Li. Su Xiaomo was very generous today and ordered three dishes and a soup. She then giggled at her phone.

“See? We clever three have made a small fortune selling fanfiction~ There, the total profit is 9700 and we’ll have 3200 each. Let’s use the remaining 100 yuan for dessert this weekend, shall we?”

No one objected. Su Xiaomo transferred the money to them via online banking and An Xiaxia couldn’t stop smiling at the figure on her phone.

It felt so good to be rich~

A hubbub suddenly broke out at the entrance of the canteen and the three looked up curiously. Li Fanxing had just walked in arm in arm with Li Canxing, the two of them looking like a pair of loving sisters. A long line of boys trailed after them, then surrounded them so that they were in the center.

“Urgh! She even needs an audience for her lunch!” Su Xiaomo said scornfully. An Xiaxia shrugged and also found it ridiculous.

They were going to ignore the sisters, but Li Fanxing and Li Canxing headed for their table right away.

“Xiaxia, long time no see.” Li Fanxing greeted An Xiaxia with a smile. To anyone else, they looked like good friends.

An Xiaxia was in no mood to give her a warm welcome. She nodded back at her as a greeting and went back to her lunch.

She was no Mother Teresa and there was no way she would consider Li Fanxing a friend after what the latter had done to her!

Li Fanxing shifted her eyes quickly and sighed. “I always thought you were a good friend of mine. Xiaxia, I’m very disappointed at your manner. Aren’t you now happy to have me here in Qixia?”

WTF? Where was Li Fanxing going with this?