Chapter 217: What A Fine White Lotus (5)

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A boy wearing glasses yelled, “Hey, that junior, you should be honored talking to Fanxing. Watch your attitude!”

Another pimple-faced boy glared at her. “I see you don’t like Fanxing around. Heh, who are you again? How dare you!”

Among them was also a beefy guy, who was scowling. He didn’t say anything, but waved his fist at An Xiaxia aggressively.

The only thing An Xiaxia wanted to say was: Interesting .

What a fine white lotus SOB!

“I don’t think we’re even friends. We’ve only met twice and Senior Li is too huge a celebrity for me to have a connection to her. The entire Qixia is happy to have you here and I don’t want Senior Li to get any wrong ideas!”

Hmph! The entire Qixia except for her!

Li Fanxing could obviously read between the lines. The expression on her face froze for a second before the pretty smile returned. “You helped me a lot when we were on site. Plus, you get along very well with Yize, and his friend is a friend of mine as well. I’m eating with you today.”

With that, she and Li Canxing were going to sit down at their table.

However, the tables in Qixia’s canteen were fixed to the floor and there were only four seats to a table.

An Xiaxia was already sitting with the other two and there were obviously not enough seats for Li Fanxing and Li Canxing.

A boy shoved Su Xiaomo. “Hey, are you blind? Can’t you see our Goddess Fanxing is sitting here? You hag, move!”

“WHAT? Say that again?” Su Xiaomo fumed. Did he just call her a “hag”?

WTF! He was asking for it!

She smacked her chopsticks on the table, bolted to her feet, and was going to punch the guy when Mu Li held her arm tightly and said timidly, “Momo, sit back down. I’ll eat at another table.”

“Hmph, you do know your place as a pauper,” sneered Li Canxing, which caused Mu Li’s face to turn even paler.

“You two, that’s enough!” An Xiaxia bristled. “Are you kidding me? I don’t care what you want, but I don’t want to eat with you! If you like this table so much, take it. Momo, Mu Li, let’s find another one.”

She picked up her tray with a threatening air, which made even the guys jump.

“You’re not going anywhere!”

“That’s right. What did you just say to our goddess?”

“I think this junior wants to have a good talk with us.”

An Xiaxia was surrounded by the boys. Li Fanxing crossed her legs and despite the gloating smile on her face, her voice remained very soft as she said, “Guys, don’t do this. You’ll frighten Xiaxia.”

Li Canxing whispered, “Heh… Sis, you’re disgusting.”

Li Fanxing caressed her manicured nails and chuckled lightheartedly. “My dear little sister, the feeling is mutual!”

“Tch, you’re the one who hates her. Stop making up pretty excuses!”

While the two bickered in a low voice, things weren’t looking good for An Xiaxia.

Fuming, Su Xiaomo punched one of the guys and was soon stopped by a few tall boys. Mu Li was shaking uncontrollably and didn’t dare move closer. An Xiaxia was being pushed around, her cheeks flushed with anger.

When the beefy guy pushed her again, he used too much strength and knocked her down.

An Xiaxia gritted her teeth. He liked pushing her around, didn’t he? Good, she was going to smack her tray on his face!

A pair of strong hands grabbed her waist in time to stop her from falling.

Was it Sheng Yize?

Had Sheng Yize come to save her?

An Xiaxia looked up in anticipation, but bit her lip when she saw who it was.