Chapter 218: I’m Courting You, Dummy! (1)

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It wasn’t him.

It wasn’t Sheng Yize.

The handsome teenager in front of her had a shy smile and a gentle look in his eyes.

It was Xiao Yan.

The Xiao Yan that had confessed his love for her.

An Xiaxia steadied herself right away and smiled at Xiao Yan. “Thank you.”

A hurt look flickered in Xiao Yan’s eyes, for he had distinctly detected An Xiaxia’s disappointment.

She was expecting someone else to rescue her.

“Guys, Qixia regulations specifically stipulate that fighting in school is subject to disciplinary punishment. Please keep that in mind. Moreover, isn’t it inappropriate for men to pick on women?” said Xiao Yan seriously in a dignified manner.

One of the boys snickered. “Why, saving a damsel in distress, are we? Let’s see if you’re knightly enough for that!”

“Shut up! He’s the president of the student council!”

The first boy looked stunned.

The student council carried a lot of weight in Qixia and the current president was said to be an exceptional guy. Any student with enough brains would know better than to mess with a guy who had risen that high.

Xiao Yan took the opportunity to draw An Xiaxia to his side. “Xiaxia, do you want to join me for lunch? I’d like to introduce a teacher to you.”

“Um…” Before An Xiaxia could decline the offer, Xiao Yan led her away.

Both Li Fanxing’s and Li Canxing’s faces darkened.

At the mention of a teacher, the boys completely abandoned their provocation and went back to playing the devoted fanboys around Li Fanxing.

Li Fanxing fumed, but there was nothing she could do.

“This is Mr. Tang, the new history teacher for Year 1. He used to be a history professor in Z University. He’s knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. I think you’ll learn a lot from his classes,” Xiao Yan introduced with a smile.

An Xiaxia had been terrified of teachers since she was little and she greeted this one right away. “Nice to meet you, Sir.”

“Hoho, don’t be so nervous.” His mild and mellow voice sounded approachable. An Xiaxia looked up and saw that the teacher was much younger than she had expected. He was about 26 or 27 years of age, good-looking, had a great smile, and was charming in a sophisticated way unique to older men.

“Xiao Yan, that’s awesome. You’re even friends with our new teacher,” An Xiaxia tugged at Xiao Yan’s sleeve and whispered.

Xiao Yan turned pink again. He replied with a quiet “hm,” then explained, “Mr. Tang is my uncle.”

“I see.” An Xiaxia grimaced. Just then, Xiao Yan handed her a cell phone. “This is my old phone. If you don’t mind its condition, feel free to use it.”

He had noticed An Xiaxia’s dilapidated phone last time and had planned to give her a new one.

“Huh?” An Xiaxia glanced at it and saw that the Samsung was almost brand new. She realized what was happening right away and declined politely. “That’s alright… I already have the money I need and I’ll get a local phone this weekend.”

Xiao Yan looked disappointed, but he summoned up his courage and pressed on. “Use this one before this weekend, then. You can give it back after that.”

Mr. Tang watched with interest as his young nephew courted the girl, sighing to himself at how smooth the young fellow was.

With the borrowing and giving back, he would have quite a few opportunities to meet the girl and take her out for dinner. He could almost see their affection grow!

An Xiaxia looked embarrassed. Xiao Yan then said earnestly, “I know you’re not Sheng Yize’s girlfriend, Xiaxia… Can we start over as just friends?”

At those words, An Xiaxia didn’t know what to do apart from smiling awkwardly.

“Who told you she’s not my girlfriend?” A deep voice then rang out from behind them, which petrified An Xiaxia!