Chapter 219: I’m Courting You, Dummy! (2)

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“Sh- Sheng Yize…” An Xiaxia stammered. Sheng Yize held her by her shoulder and gave Xiao Yan a sideway glance. “President Xiao, I told you already: she’s my girlfriend. It’s getting really embarrassing for you to repeatedly approach her.”

Xiao Yan’s face turned from red to white and he clenched his fists involuntarily. “Are you two… really together?”

Before An Xiaxia could say a word, Sheng Yize had covered her mouth. His matter-of-fact voice rang out over her head. “Of course. The purpose of your question is?”

Sadness swept over Xiao Yan and he forced out a smile. “I see… Xiaxia, congratulations.”

After that, he staggered out of the canteen. Looking at him from behind, it almost appeared like he was running away.

Mr. Tang watched the two with great interest and raised an eyebrow, the look on his face almost enigmatic.

“Mhm… Sheng Yize, let go of me…” An Xiaxia struggled with all her limbs. By now, quite a few girls had gathered around, but luckily, their conversation just then had been quiet enough to avoid being overheard.

Sheng Yize dragged An Xiaxia toward the exit with a grim face.

Frustrated, An Xiaxia buried her teeth in his arm without any hesitation!

“Let me go!”

“No.” Despite his calm and unhurried tone, Sheng Yize kept his word. He ignored the teeth in his flesh and wouldn’t release her.

An Xiaxia was determined to have her freedom and bit down again. She could taste blood in her mouth this time, but Sheng Yize didn’t even flinch and his grip remained tight.

She opened her mouth and didn’t know what to do with Sheng Yize’s stubbornness.

Why… was he doing this…

They were perfectly fine being strangers and having nothing to do with each other…

Why had he broken into her life like this and turned everything upside down…

“Yize, you’re here.” A tender female voice interrupted An Xiaxia’s confused train of thought.

Turning toward the voice, she saw that Li Fanxing was walking toward them. Unlike Li Canxing, who always remained cold and distant, a perfect smile was always on Li Fanxing’s face, making others think she was approachable and gentle.

Only An Xiaxia knew how hideous the heart hidden behind that smile was.

She pursed her mouth, turned away, and didn’t want to look at her.

Sheng Yize frowned and asked indifferently, “What?”

Li Fanxing was still smiling brightly. “Do you want to join me for lunch? ‘The Tale of the Banished Immortal’ will air in a few days. If the ratings turn out good, are you interested in working with me again in another TV drama?”

She had put it all together so well. Adding to the fact that she was such a beautiful woman, any other guy would come running for the opportunity.

Sheng Yize smirked. “Sorry, but no.”

Li Fanxing’s face almost turned green.

Why didn’t anything work out the way she planned? Not only didn’t Sheng Yize give her any opportunity to spark a scandal, he wouldn’t even show her the least respect!

Could it be… because of her?

Li Fanxing turned her freezing gaze on An Xiaxia and the latter felt a cold sensation on her nape. Turning around, she met Li Fanxing’s murderous look.

She cringed and hid behind Sheng Yize despite herself.

Sheng Yize couldn’t be bothered to exchange insincere pleasantries with Li Fanxing and dragged An Xiaxia out of the canteen right away.

The classroom.

Sheng Yize tossed her a stack of exercise books, smirking. “Don’t even think about playing before you finish all these!”

An Xiaxia almost had a nervous breakdown when she picked one up and saw the big red text on the cover —

“A Collection of College Entrance Examination Papers of the Past Five Years and Mock Papers of the Past Three Years 1 !”

That bastard! That devil! That monster!

Sniffling, An Xiaxia felt like crying.