Chapter 22: A Scheming Devil’s Contract (2)

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The plan had succeeded, but Sheng Yize didn’t give anything away at all. He blinked and said, “You agreed so quickly. Should I be worried about you backing out?”

An Xiaxia shook her head frantically. “I won’t. You have my word.”

“Words alone aren’t proof,” Sheng Yize said as he pretended to hesitate.

An Xiaxia took him at face value and wanted to prove herself badly. “We can sign a contract!” she said.

“Umm… good, that sounds like a good idea,” Sheng Yize replied.

“Right?” An Xiaxia smiled sweetly.

Chi Yuanfeng and He Jiayu in the distance looked at each other and sighed. They both sincerely “cried” for An Xiaxia’s bitter future.

In this world, Sheng Yize was the last person one wanted to offend. Otherwise, you might still be counting money for him even after he sold you.

Sheng Yize smoothly took out a sheet of paper and gave it to An Xiaxia.

“Really? He came prepared?” An Xiaxia thought with some shock.

She looked at the paper and the text printed in bold —

“Assistant Contract”

Party A: Sheng Yize

Party B: An Xiaxia

Obligations of Party A: To be responsible for paying for Party B’s services. The salary will be deducted from the debt. If services provided by Party B exceed her debt, Party A must pay the monetary value to her immediately and without delay.

Obligations of Party B: To always be on call and make every effort while running errands and doing small tasks, etc.

The rest of the obligations below seemed ordinary, with nothing standing out.

An Xiaxia didn’t think too much of it. She promptly picked up a pen and signed her name on the paper.

Sheng Yize held the paper and said with a straight face, “I sincerely hope we’ll get along well in the future.”

An Xiaxia nodded repeatedly. After this major issue that had been bothering her was solved, she was rapturous and skipped downstairs.

Sheng Yize narrowed his eyes and smiled.

She was indeed as innocent as she was gullible…

What a little fool —


When Sis Ke heard that Papa An was a great cook, her eyes lit up. She then paid an extra sum of money to ask Papa An to take care of the daily needs of Sheng Yize and the others.

Papa An adamantly refused to take it and said, “They’re all kids, not to mention they’re also Xiaxia’s classmates. It’s my job to take care of them.”

Sis Ke kept a straight face and transferred the money into Papa An’s bank account resolutely and effectively. She said, “Please take it so that I can truly set my heart at ease.”

At this, Papa An couldn’t say anything more. He then rose to his feet and went back to work.

Sis Ke then moved gracefully upstairs and said, “Do all of you still remember what you promised me?”

No one answered her.

Sis Ke said slowly, “Do not stir up trouble, do not post anything on Weibo without permission, do not slack off in your training, and more importantly, no girlfriends!”

At that, she deliberately glanced at Sheng Yize and said, “Do you copy?”

“All right, all right, my beautiful Sis Ke. Let’s go downstairs and eat!” Chi Yuanfeng chortled. Sis Ke doted on him the most, so she just shook her head and brushed over the subject.

Second floor.

Even though the An family’s coffee shop usually wasn’t that busy, Sis Ke still asked them to try to stay upstairs just to be safe. If they had to go down, they had to put on disguises.

Papa An had prepared a table of scrumptious dishes and summoned everyone to the dining table.

Now that she was debt-free, An Xiaxia rapturously wolfed down her food. Just as she was about to get herself a bowl of soup after finishing her rice, she noticed a few pairs of eyes gazing at her.

She looked around and saw that Sis Ke had only taken a few bites of the food before setting down her chopsticks. What was more, Sheng Yize and the other two boys also didn’t eat much. Right now, they were drinking their soup while feeling amazed at her table manners.

Eating with these three handsome guys indeed felt good, but An Xiaxia felt something was odd.

“Why aren’t you eating?”