:Chapter 220 I’m Courting You, Dummy! (3)

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“I wasn’t playing. I was there to have lunch!” An Xiaxia was full of grievance.

“Do all your lunches end up with you flirting with another man? You really are something!” Sheng Yize stood there with his arms crossed, and his eyes were cold enough to kill.

He knew perfectly well how childish he was, losing his temper over her like this, but he simply couldn’t control it.

Sheng Yize had always hated to reveal his true feelings in front of others. However, he could only surrender when facing An Xiaxia and there was no hiding from her.

An Xiaxia pouted, looking disgruntled. “I’m not talking to you anymore! We’re done!”

She picked up a marker and inked in the line Kang Jian had drawn all over again!

Sheng Yize kept his silence with a scowl. However, the murderous air coming off him scared off all the students that were trying to enter the classroom.

It was only when the bell rang that they began to enter in twos and threes, all recoiling from him in fear.

Su Xiaomo sent An Xiaxia a message when the teacher wasn’t looking. “Hey, what’s going on between you and Sheng Yize? I thought he was having one of those episodes like on TV when Fanji Sword’s energy ran amuck. He looks like he could kill the entire class!”

An Xiaxia typed the reply on her grandpa phone. “Don’t mention that name to me. I don’t know him! Bah!”

After sending it, An Xiaxia sniveled, took out the textbook, and went back to the lecture.

Sheng Yize furrowed his brow tightly. He hadn’t meant to, but he had accidentally glanced at An Xiaxia’s message.

He had such a good memory that one glance was enough for him to remember the entire text.

He clenched his pen so tight that it almost snapped in his palm.

Did she hate him that much?

To her, was he not even as important as that toyboy Xiao Yan?

The teacher up on the rostrum was none other than Mr. Tang, who had had lunch together with An Xiaxia earlier. He made the dry history text so vivid. The whole class was engrossed in his teaching and when the bell rang, the students all wished the class could go on.

“See you. Do remember to do your homework~” Mr. Tang said with a smile, at which quite a few girls felt their hearts skip a beat.

Awww! The teenagers of Starry Night weren’t the only charming men in this world. Knowledgeable older men could also give them the flutters!

Mr. Tang went back to the office and was met by a grumpy Bai Ziyue, the class teacher for Class C. “Tang Yijun, what are you doing in this petty high school? Aren’t you a professor somewhere?”

Tang Yijun narrowed his eyes and smiled. “Let me see. Well… I guess it’s because Qixia pays better?”

“Be serious!” Bai Ziyue frowned.

Tang Yijun smiled a crooked smile. “I’m only like this around you.”

The young class teacher flushed right away.

“I heard the place you rented burnt down. How about moving in with me?”

Still blushing, Bai Ziyue smacked him with her folder. “You wish! I have a class now! Bye bye!”

She promptly fled with Tang Yijun still smiling behind her. He looked very sure about something.

After school, An Xiaxia went back home and was doing homework when her phone rang.

She picked it up and heard the delivery guy on the other end. “Hello, Miss An? Please come down and sign for your parcel.”

“Mhm… you can leave it at the bar.”

“That won’t do, miss. This is a valuable parcel and you have to sign it yourself!” The delivery guy was adamant.

An Xiaxia was baffled. She couldn’t remember buying anything lately.

Downstairs, the delivery invoice indeed had her name on it.

After signing for the parcel, An Xiaxia opened the box and was shocked.

They were cell phones!! A whole box of cell phones!