Chapter 222: You Scoundrel!

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Because I’m courting you, dummy…

I’m courting you, dummy…


Utter disbelief was written all over An Xiaxia’s face and she couldn’t stop blinking her eyes, as she wondered if she was still in a dream.

Bang, bang, bang —

Outside, Chi Yuanfeng banged on the door.

“Brother! I’m screwed! Aaah! Snowy is a boy! I’m going to kill myself!” Chi Yuanfeng whined noisily and An Xiaxia held her breath, afraid to make a sound.

Sheng Yize held her by her waist and pressed her harder against the wall. They were so close now that she could hear his heartbeat.

Heart racing, An Xiaxia pushed him with all her might, but Sheng Yize remained where he was. He even had the time to answer Chi Yuanfeng unhurriedly, “What’s wrong with a boy cat? You two can still hit it off.”

Chi Yuanfeng wailed, “No… I like girls. Sob . Where’s Xiaxia? I need her comfort… Wait, Brother, why aren’t you comforting me?” ( B oxnovel.c om )

Sheng Yize’s face turned dark at his “I need her comfort.” An Xiaxia couldn’t see where the anger came from and cringed, hoping he wouldn’t lash out at her.

“You already have plans with Xiaxia, what good will my comfort do you?” Sheng Yize said lazily, at which Chi Yuanfeng nodded. “You have a point! I’m off to get Xiaxia, then!”

His brisk footsteps faded away outside while An Xiaxia was overwhelmed with humiliation.

“How are you going to comfort him next time you see him, then?” Sheng Yize lifted her chin, the soft touch under his fingertips too wonderful a sensation to resist.

An Xiaxia gave him a smile that looked more like a crying grimace. “Heh… well… Sheng Yize, could you let go of me, please?”

“Why would I do that?” He spoke in such a matter-of-fact tone, as if he was the king of the world.

An Xiaxia said honestly, “Isn’t it getting too crowded here… Plus, you’re too close! We’re not a couple yet!”

That seemed to persuade Sheng Yize, who pondered for a moment before asking, “In that case, Xiaxia, do you want to be my girlfriend?”

An Xiaxia stood straight and shook her head without hesitation.

Sheng Yize looked so intimidating now… He was a beast playing with his prey. She couldn’t even begin to think what would become of her if she said yes!

One had to admit that women did have an accurate sixth sense. Right at that moment, Sheng Yize was seriously considering chopping her to pieces before erasing all the evidence. However, his heart melted as soon as he saw that adorkable look on her face. He then rubbed her hair and gave her a sly smile. “No? Let’s go back to our studying, then. I bought an entire set of exercise books for you.”

An Xiaxia was fuming. “Sheng Yize, don’t you have anything better to do? I’m not doing those exercises again!”

Sheng Yize let go of her, opened his school bag, and drew out a literature textbook at random. He tossed it at An Xiaxia with a smirk. “Memorize the text, then. You’re free to leave after you memorize an ancient style prose. If not… well, when Fengfeng or the others come here, I’ll tell them you came here willingly and tried to force yourself on me…”

“You scoundrel!” An Xiaxia jumped up and bellowed as she pointed at his nose. “They’ll never believe you!”

“Really?” Sheng Yize retorted.

An Xiaxia backed off right away.

Picking up the textbook helplessly, An Xiaxia began to memorize the prose with teary eyes. ( B oxnovel.c om )

“Long and large grows the cowherb;

It is not the cowherb but the artemisia.

Alas! Alas! my parents,

With what toil ye gave me birth!”

An Xiaxia cursed Sheng Yize in her head as she tried to remember the text.

Sob … someone save this poor kid here…