Chapter 223: Did You Miss Me? (1)

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The poem was “Liao E” from “The Book of Songs,” which was narrated from a child’s point of view as they recalled their gratitude to their parents for their love and care. The prose was quite a mouthful and she still couldn’t remember it after a long time.

An Xiaxia was the type that got confused easily when she was flustered. She had gone through the whole poem quite a few times, but was still having difficulty reading it through, let alone memorizing it.

Sheng Yize began to mock her again. “You can’t even memorize that simple a text? Why, is it because you don’t love your parents or are you really stupid?”

He knew perfectly well that he should be gentle with her and treat her nicely, but he just couldn’t control his vicious tongue.

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes and she was genuinely upset. She retorted, “That’s right! I can’t memorize it! Loving my parents? I don’t even have a mother. Who am I supposed to love?”

Sheng Yize looked surprised. Quickly going through what he had learned about An Xiaxia, he finally recalled that there hadn’t been any mention of her mother during the background check he had run on An Xiaxia.

There was only one explanation for not finding any living proof of a person.

Mother An had passed away.

His face softened a little as he cleared his throat. “Xiaxia…”

“Don’t speak my name!” An Xiaxia bellowed angrily. The sadness from not having a mother since she was little overwhelmed her, and added to the fact that the poem was a rather touching piece, she really felt like crying.

After she could finally stammer out the entire poem from memory, she smacked the book on Sheng Yize and dashed out of his room while she wiped her tears.

She never wanted to see that bastard again!

Sheng Yize stood frozen to the spot and didn’t know what to do.

Normally, An Xiaxia wasn’t the type to hold grudges against others. However, after that incident, she refused to speak to Sheng Yize for the next two days.

Being as proud and aloof as he was, Sheng Yize obviously couldn’t bring himself to ask for a truce. Hence, the two entered a prolonged cold war.

While the two were doing fine, those around them went through hell.

Su Xiaomo and Kang Jian were the first ones affected, for they had never seen An Xiaxia in such low spirits before. They tried everything to cheer her up, but nothing worked.

Sheng Yize was even more frightening. He had turned from an air-conditioner into a freezer, indiscriminately freezing anyone who dared come close. Even He Jiayu and Chi Yuanfeng tried their best not to provoke him, let alone those infatuated girls that used to follow him around and who were now smart enough to keep their distance.

After the PE class, the teacher stopped Sheng Yize and told him about the basketball tournament.

After that match with Chenjiang, Qixia had been on a lucky streak, meeting three weaker teams in a row. Thanks to that, they even miraculously made it into the final round.

The next game was against Yeyang High and it wasn’t going to be that easy anymore. The teacher had instructed Sheng Yize to stay behind after school for training every day from now on.

While Sheng Yize nodded noncommittedly, An Xiaxia pricked up her ears and listened in. The look on her face turned worried.

His injury should have recovered by now, but An Xiaxia couldn’t help but be concerned.

What if the strenuous game aggravated his old injury again?

Bah! Who cares! Let him die in pain! She couldn’t care less!

She stormed off to the side and took out the new phone she had bought herself, browsing through everything from new gossip and game walkthroughs to recipes and secret diets. However, she couldn’t remember a word she read.

If only Qi Yanxi was here… She wondered if he had recovered yet…

While she was mumbling to herself, her phone vibrated once. She tapped the screen and saw a message from none other than Qi Yanxi himself.

“Long time no see, Dummy Xia. You’re getting dumber!”