Chapter 224: Did You Miss Me? (2)

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An Xiaxia almost choked. What the hell? Why did that fiend suddenly contact her?

She stood there speechless for a few seconds and was going to load him with insults in her message, but paused when she read his words again.

Long time no see —

Did he see her?

An idea occurred to her. She looked up and saw the source.

Not far away on the basketball court, Qi Yanxi was shooting at the basket with natural and unrestrained movements.

Each ball dropped accurately into the basket with a perfect arc!

An Xiaxia watched with unblinking eyes.

Gosh, luck was definitely on his side! That was awesome!

Sheng Yize was chatting with He Jiayu on the side, but seeing An Xiaxia’s worshipful look, he was suddenly in a very bad mood.

He went back to the court, stood there as straight as a pine tree, picked up a basketball casually, and threw it out!

Whoosh —

A clean three-pointer! ( B oxnovel.c om )

Cheers rang out among those standing on the side and some girls even screamed, “Captain Yize, you’re so handsome! Aaah!”

Qi Yanxi turned toward him, looking disgruntled. “Hey, you, did you have to do that the moment I get back? Looking for trouble, are you?”

Sheng Yize sneered. “Shouldn’t you be in bed recuperating given your injury? What’re you doing here? Haven’t you humiliated yourself enough?”

“F**k you!” Qi Yanxi gave him the finger. “I’ve decided to become a good student! You got a problem with that?”

Sheng Yize sneered again, looking utterly disdainful.

Qi Yanxi could hear the contempt in his laughter.

However, unlike his old self, who loved nothing better than to compete with Sheng Yize, he neither cursed nor turned physical, which was very rare for him. His eyes then shifted back to An Xiaxia.

He had fully recovered last week, but he hadn’t wanted to come to school at all.

The photo of An Xiaxia and Sheng Yize kissing from last time had become a nightmare plaguing him in the last few days.

Yesterday, Mu Li went back to the Qi family and told him that Li Fanxing had transferred to Qixia.

Li Fanxing and Qi Yanxi used to go out, and she was also the person he thought he loved the most when he was younger.

He told himself that Li Fanxing was the reason he came back. However, he wandered around the whole day and only came in for the PE class, which was the last period of the day; the person he wanted to see the most wasn’t Li Fanxing.

It was that An Xiaxia… The girl he had looked down on in the beginning!

Damn it! He hated this feeling!

While cursing himself inwardly, Qi Yanxi jumped at the presence of An Xiaxia, who had just rushed to his side.

An Xiaxia took his hand and turned him around with shining eyes. “Qi Yanxi, are you alright now?” ( B oxnovel.c om )

Qi Yanxi was dazed and didn’t object when An Xiaxia tugged at him this way and that. A warmth crept into his chest…

Did the annoying little girl care about him…?

At that thought, An Xiaxia immediately looked much more pleasing in his eyes. The fierce look on his face softened, which didn’t happen very often.

Sheng Yize walked over with a cold face, caught An Xiaxia by the back of her collar, and dragged her away from Qi Yanxi.

“Hey… stop dragging me. I need to speak to Qi Yanxi!” An Xiaxia struggled.

Sheng Yize’s temples throbbed and he bellowed in a low voice, “An Xiaxia, I forbid you from talking to him!”

An Xiaxia glared at him. How dare this bastard talk to her in that manner!

She was going to persuade Qi Yanxi to play in the game!

With a capable player like him, Qixia had a much better chance of winning against Yeyang.

As for Sheng Yize, he could stay out of it and recover from his injury…

“Little Dummy Xia, did you miss me?” Qi Yanxi asked deliberately, the smile on his face suggestive and shameless.