Chapter 225: If You Have to Fight, Fight Me!

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Sheng Yize’s face turned a few shades darker at those words and he was now gripping An Xiaxia’s collar very tightly.

An Xiaxia struggled with all four limbs, but Sheng Yize held onto her as if he was carrying a little chicken. An Xiaxia couldn’t even move one step away from him after much struggling.

Running out of ideas, she had no choice but to ask directly. “Qi Yanxi, do you want to save the world, marry the princess, become the boss, and reach the peak of your life?”

“Huh?” Qi Yanxi had no idea where she was going with this.

“Then join the basketball team, young man!” An Xiaxia said in a righteous tone.

Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched. So she wanted to talk him into playing the game. Did she have to make it sound so flamboyant?

Sheng Yize frowned and his face looked colder.

What did An Xiaxia mean? Had she just asked Qi Yanxi to play in the game?

Was Qi Yanxi such a good player in her eyes?


The tsundere was back online. He moved An Xiaxia to the side and looked at Qi Yanxi with quiet but intimidating eyes. “Shall we?”

Qi Yanxi was provoked. “Why not!”

The two took a basketball and began the competition without a referee.

When one attacked, the other defended; when one tried to pass with a deceptive move, the other reacted with an immediate intercept. The two teenagers looked like a pair of capable swordsmen, neither willing to give way to the other.

The surrounding students could barely follow their movements with their eyes. They held their breaths and dared not even cheer for them, fearing that their voices might affect the performance of the two god-like teenagers.

An Xiaxia was dumbfounded.

This wasn’t what she had had in mind!

She had only tried to talk Qi Yanxi into playing because she didn’t want Sheng Yize to engage in the fierce competition. Why was Sheng Yize playing the tough guy all of a sudden? That totally went against her purpose!

The two were scratching each other’s eyes out over a ball, while An Xiaxia stomped her foot anxiously as she fixed her gaze on Sheng Yize’s ankle as he ran around on the court.

A crazy idea formed in her head. She bit her lip and picked up a basketball at a whim, then smashed it toward the pair.

Both were agile athletes and both dodged the ball in time. They turned in her direction and looked surprised when they saw that it was from An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia pointed at the two with her fair-skinned finger. “If you have to fight, fight me!”

Sheng Yize was speechless.

Qi Yanxi: “…”

Those standing around the court were also speechless.

“Did An Xiaxia lose her mind? Her against the best players of Qixia?”

“An Xiaxia, thank you for trying to make us laugh! Stop it! Hahahahaha!”

“Xiaxia, are you nuts?” Su Xiaomo tugged An Xiaxia’s sleeve, but An Xiaxia gave her a reassuring look before saying to the two boys seriously, “Let’s have a shooting competition. If I can get three shots in a row, you two have to follow my orders!”

Qi Yanxi’s mouth twitched. “Dummy Xia, you’ve just refreshed my definition of ‘dummy.’”

An Xiaxia rolled her eyes at him. “Are you in or not?”

Her voice was so soft and the proposal was so ridiculous that Qi Yanxi thought it was a good opportunity to make her happy. “Fine, I’m in. What if you lose, then?”

Sheng Yize pursed his lips and couldn’t be bothered to comment.

An Xiaxia took it as tacit consent.

“Then you don’t have to listen to my orders! Isn’t that a sweet deal?” An Xiaxia smiled at him, which only made the crowd even more speechless.

Excuse me? Was she taking the two idols for fools?

To everyone’s surprise, Foolish Sheng and Foolish Qi were both… in.