Chapter 226: An Xiaxia, You Won

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Pale clouds were scattered in the clear blue sky and the winter sun shone warmly overhead.

A hubbub of voices filled the air at the basketball court as the students of several classes gathered around in enthusiastic discussion.

In the center of the crowd was a delicate and pretty girl, who was counting “one, two, three…” in a lovely voice as she bounced the basketball on the ground rhythmically.

An Xiaxia seemed to be bouncing the ball forever, but she simply couldn’t make up her mind to shoot it.

Had she known better, she wouldn’t have said three… Sob , once would have been enough…

“Stop stalling and shoot already!”

“You’re not afraid, are you? Oh my~”

“Tch, just admit it. You’re trying to get our idol’s attention, that’s all.”

Everyone was talking at the same time, which only made An Xiaxia more nervous. Fine sweat covered her forehead despite the fact it was still winter.

Sheng Yize and Qi Yanxi stood on the side, bickering and trashing each other —

“How come you agreed to her ridiculous request? Are you nuts?”

“Heh, you said yes before I did, so what does that make you? Incurable?”

( B oxnovel.c om ) Hmph, you piece of shit.”



“You’re too dumb and I’m not talking to you. Low IQ is infectious.”


An Xiaxia finally made up her mind, stood on her tiptoes, and threw the ball with all her strength.

With a whoosh, the ball dropped accurately into the basket!

“Aaah! I did it!” An Xiaxia jumped up and was overjoyed.

Jian Xin’er snickered and dampened her spirits. “One down and two more to go. Where did you get all that confidence? Laugh all you want now. You’ll be crying your eyes out in a moment~”

Her cynical tone was so obnoxious that An Xiaxia made a face and decided to ignore her.

She then bounced the ball again, aimed at the basket, jumped up, and threw the ball.

She did it again!

A round of “wows” rang out across the basketball court and even Sheng Yize watched her in disbelief.

He himself had taught An Xiaxia how to shoot before the sports meet and he was fully aware of how lousy she was…

She had outdone herself today.

He kept his gaze on An Xiaxia. The girl clenched her fists and her cheeks were flushed with excitement.

Was it that big a deal for her? It was just two shots.

Sheng Yize suddenly realized how easily contented a girl An Xiaxia was.

If he could make her happy with such a petty thing… The look in his eyes turned intense at that thought.

For the third shot, everyone had focused their gazes on An Xiaxia.

After taking a deep breath, An Xiaxia shot at the ring!

However, she had run out of luck this time. The ball rolled around the ring slowly and simply wouldn’t go in.

An Xiaxia watched anxiously with unblinking eyes.

Whichever god that was on duty up there, please help this little thing down here and get the ball into the basket!

“I don’t think she’ll get this one.”

“Yup. It’s impossible from this angle,” commented a boy, who appeared to know a thing or two about basketball.

He then faintly caught a low snicker and someone said, “Is that so?”

The boy let out a “huh?” and before he could make out who the speaker was, Sheng Yize suddenly jumped high into the air and smashed his palm down on the ball!

Thump — ( B oxnovel.c om )

It was a score!

The crowd was shocked and so was An Xiaxia.

Was Sheng Yize… helping her?

She stared at Sheng Yize and didn’t dare blink her eyes even once.

Sensing her intense gaze, Sheng Yize turned around and looked into her eyes.

Their gazes met, one indifferent and one intense, but seemed to make the perfect match.

She looked at him while he looked back at her.

A moment later, Sheng Yize smiled, his dark eyes flickering like stars.

“An Xiaxia, you won.”