Chapter 228: Stupidity Is A Crime (2)

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“Stupidity is a crime! I don’t need you to decide what’s good for me and make decisions on my behalf!” Sheng Yize’s tone was so sharp that he could cut paper with it. “I know my body better than anyone else. As for the basketball game, I’ll be the one to decide whether I’ll play or not, not you!”

Tears welled up in An Xiaxia’s eyes right away.

She knew she wasn’t the smartest person in the room and she tried her best to do that one little thing for him, but all she got was his complete rejection.

Was it her fault to want to take care of him?

She couldn’t hold back her tears anymore. One more word out of Sheng Yize and she would be devastated.

Without another word, she went to the bus stop and got on a bus headed for home.

Sheng Yize stood dazed on the spot, clenching and unclenching his fists repeatedly before getting into the car.

The middle-aged driver began to speak but hesitated. He thought about persuading Sheng Yize, but feared that it might cost him his job. In the end, he said nothing.

Sheng Yize seemed to have read his mind as he said indifferently, “Follow that bus.”

The driver let out a breath of relief. It wasn’t that bad, then. Even when fighting, his young master still cared about Miss An!

( ReadReadNovelFull.c om ) On the bus.

The bus today was exceptionally crowded. One could barely find a spot to stand, let alone get a seat.

An Xiaxia finally found a spot, reached up to grab the handle, and began to go over her squabble with Sheng Yize in her head.

Why was he so angry… Was it because she had hurt his pride?

An Xiaxia believed that her intentions were good, only that she had used the wrong approach.

Mhm… Should she try to explain it after they got back home?

As the bus drove on, a man wearing glasses standing beside An Xiaxia darted his eyes this way and that. When no one was looking, he began to move closer toward An Xiaxia.

An Xiaxia only thought the bus was too crowded and moved a little to one side. However, the spectacled man followed her and even reached for her thigh with his offputting hands…

WTF? Was she getting groped?

An Xiaxia cried out, “Excuse me, uncle. Is that your hand on my leg?”

Other passengers turned to look at them at her words.

The spectacled man was surprised, but retorted immediately, “There’re so many people on the bus and I only leaned on you because they pushed me. What did you say I did? Do I look like I’m interested in a middle school girl with no curves?”

Hearing his shameless words, An Xiaxia was certain that he was a veteran in this!

“First of all, how crowded does it have to get for your hand to squeeze my thigh? Secondly, I’m a high school student, not a middle school one! Last but not least, you pervert! Go to hell!”

The spectacled man flew into a rage out of humiliation from her fierce accusation. He retorted with insults. “You slut! You little bitch!”

An Xiaxia wasn’t going to take it. Back then, she had been a champion online user second to none in trash talk. She kicked up a row with the spectacled man right away.

Some other passengers yelled resentfully, “Take it somewhere else! I’ve heard enough! I’m not taking your bullshit after a whole day’s work.”

Fuming, An Xiaxia’s cheeks turned scarlet red. Just then, the bus pulled over at a bus stop and the driver said helplessly through the speaker, “That mister and miss at the back, please respect public order and get off!”

An Xiaxia had no choice but to get off with the spectacled man.

Once off the bus, the man bared his fangs and shoved An Xiaxia.

( ReadReadNovelFull.c om ) A short distance away inside the Porsche, Sheng Yize commanded in his domineering voice, “Uncle Wang, hit that man with our car!”