Chapter 229: You’re My Girlfriend From Now On (1)

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The middle-aged driver was a little shocked at this command but carried it out dutifully anyway. He stepped on the gas and the car ran toward that spectacled man!

The man had just pushed Miss An in front of the Young Master. He had it coming!

Watching An Xiaxia fall down on the ground, the spectacled man flashed a sinister smile and said, “Next time, just enjoy it while I shower you with my ‘love’~”

An Xiaxia grimaced in pain and was infuriated.

The spectacled man gloated and was going to leave when a luxurious car drove toward him like a bat out of hell. Although the driver had hit the brakes in time, he was still knocked over.

His face contorted in agony as he fell to the ground. He wasn’t badly injured, but the pain was very real!

“Hey! You hit me with your car! You’re paying for this! I need compensation!” the spectacled man yelled, trying to take this opportunity to swindle some money. A middle-aged man in a sleek suit then got out of the car and said harshly, “Do you have a death wish, standing in our young master’s way?”

The spectacled man cringed at his tone right away. He then turned to look at the license plate, which read “666888 1 .”

He drew in his breath. Shit. He was messing with the wrong people!

“S- Sorry… I wasn’t watching the road, hoho…” The spectacled man apologized obsequiously. Forget compensation; he was worried about his own safety now!

“Hmph, I heard you mentioned compensation there, didn’t you? How about this? Let’s call the traffic police and we’ll see how much you need to pay us for damaging our car!” The driver stood ramrod straight and bluffed.

The spectacled man cried out, “No, that won’t be necessary! Please let me go!”

“Then why are you still here?”

“I’m gone!” The spectacled man scrambled to his feet and scurried off.

The driver helped An Xiaxia to her feet right away. “Miss An, are you alright?”

An Xiaxia forced out a smile despite the pain. “I’m fine… Um, Uncle Wang, why are you here?”

“Oh… I was picking up the young master! Um, Miss An, you’re hurt. Let’s get you into the car and take you to the hospital!” The driver quickly switched the subject and led An Xiaxia into the car.

Inside, the air-conditioning was switched on and the temperature was perfect.

An Xiaxia sat down beside Sheng Yize and cleared her throat awkwardly.

“Sheng Yize, why did you only get so far today? I don’t see a traffic jam anywhere,” asked An Xiaxia in confusion.

Sheng Yize only said indifferently after a long silence, “We were driving slowly so that I could savor the view outside. You got a problem with that?”

“No, of course not!” How could she?

The driver almost broke into a sweat from the embarrassment. Young Master, you had this Porsche slow to a crawl because we were following Miss An’s bus. Have you forgotten that already? That was a challenge!

“Why did you get off here? And, are you badly hurt?” Sheng Yize darted a look at her.

An Xiaxia was embarrassed. “I’m fine. I fell down, that’s all. I’m not made from glass… I got off here because that man was a groping pervert! He didn’t succeed, though. I chewed him out and the bus driver threw both of us out…”

Sheng Yize’s pupils contracted abruptly as he gritted his teeth.

Shit. That man had gotten off easy. Being knocked over by a car now seemed like a tap on the wrist!

Sensing the cold air coming out of Sheng Yize, An Xiaxia shivered, taking if as anger toward her.

An Xiaxia grew up with a good habit of admitting her mistakes without hesitation. She covered her little head right away. “Sheng Yize, it’s all my fault. Don’t be mad at me…”

“Oh?” Sheng Yize was a little surprised, then sneered. “Tell me what was your fault, then.”